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Loooong time since posting, but I see the place is still a wealth of knowledge! Recently got a P290RS for CCW, and need suggestions on pocket and IWB holsters for this model. Thanks!

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I've used a Santos pocket holster with the outer flap that breaks up the outline, and have also picked up a Blade-tech IWB holster to use for BUG matches.

I've only used the pocket holster for carry, usually while back packing. I can use the 8 round magazines and it still comes in and out of my pocket fairly well.

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I have an Ozarks Holster Co IWB kydex holster for when I run out and take the 290. Works great, very easy to take on/off and conceal.

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I've been using the TT Gunleather KX lightweight for a P290 IWB holster worn at 4-oclock. It's very comfortable and very slim. Also easy to get on or off without taking my belt off using the clips.

For pocket carry I've been using the DeSantis Nemesis. It's inexpensive and it works, but it does print a bit too much in a pocket. The shape just looks a bit too much like a gun.

So I recently ordered the TT Gunleather pocket holster with the expectation that the shape it prints will look much less like a gun for those times that I want to pocket carry the P290 instead of IWB.

I have several other TT Gunleather holsters and every one has been of the highest quality. I know they are expensive but whenever I try something different it's just another wasted holster that doesn't get used.

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Jackson LeatherWork makes a really comfortable genuinely functional AIWB holster - my wife and I both have P290RS and we both love and use the holster. Alot...

The 290 can be carried all day without the fatigue that can set in after a long day carrying. I dont need the stiff belt as his clips hold it tight for rapid draw. Also it tucks the 290 into my prosperous belly without any print.

I just ordered one for a small CZ as well - reasonable price and honest dealing and quality workmanship. I have dealt with him online and in petson on the phone. Can't wait to get this new one.

When I got my CZ, I was thinking maybe I should try another of the really fine holsters that come recommended by many here, I decided to go with what works best for the small, slim pistols.


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My setup for carrying the 290RS varies depending on how I am dressed. For carrying when wearing slacks with a tucked-in shirt (my daily work attire) I carrying the 290RS in a Mika Pocket Holster in my strong-side (right) front pocket and 2 extended mags in my left rear pocket in a leather pocket mag carrier. When I leave my shirt tail untucked (casual dress) or wearing a sweater or other pullover over my shirt, I carry at 4 o'clock in an Ozarks IWB Kydex holster with spare mags in my left front pants pocket. When I am walking or other exercise, wearing loose, beltless "gym" shorts, I carry the 290RS and mags in a Gould and Goodrich belly band.

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I recently bought a like new P290 (not the new RS version) that came with the 'factory' laser... finding an IWB holster for this was a pain... I wanted leather. I finally ordered one from Triple K that is made for a Ruger LC9 with laser... works perfectly... my only point is the Ruger LC9 and Sig P290 are darn close to the same size and other that exact 'plastic' molded pistols most holsters will work.
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I just picked up a 290RS and believe it or not, most of my Glock 26 leather is fitting it just fine. My Milt Sparks Summer Special, Mitch Rosen El Raton Pocket and Ritchie Ankle holsters all fit well enough that I’m not seeing the need to purchase 290 specific leather.

The Kydex has not been so forgiving...
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