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I am thinking of carrying a 1911 Commander length LB instead of my G-19

I currently have a Lou Allessi CQC-S for my G-19 and I am thinking the same setup for a 1911 should work.

What say you that carry or have carried a 1911?

Too heavy to bulky, or should I just stick with the G-19?


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I carried a Commander sized 1911 for many years when I was younger. I still carry my Sig C3 occasionally and it's not as bad as you might think, especially with the alloy frame. The main thing is to get the right holster that distributes the weight properly. The fact that 1911's are so narrow makes concealment easy.



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I agree with jimbo54. I've been carrying my commander sized 1911 for a few years now and its very easy given the fact I have a good quality holster and belt.
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It's subjective. (I'm older) I carry an all stainless 3" 1911 or a 4" stainless/alloy in iwb holsters. To me, I notice no significant difference in weight or comfort. What I think is not an issue, someone else will swear it won't work for them.

I agree with the idea of using the right holster/belt combination. I sometimes wear suspenders as well.


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For me, My favorite OWB for a 1911 of any length is the old Askins Avenger from Bianchi. I don't think it is in production anymore but lots of holster people still make a similar model. IWB is the Milt Sparks Summer Special. I also use a belt slide from International Handgun Leather, available from Dillon.

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My Commander (as well as my CCO) is typically carried in either a Milt Sparks Summer Special 2 or Versa Max 2. Very doable. As always, a good belt is key along with a good holster and mag pouches. (I use an A&G Gunleather belt and Milt Sparks S4-C magazine pouches, or sometimes a Magholder horizontal magazine carrier).

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My Kimber Pro CDP has been my edc for several years with my 228, C3 and now a 239 filling in occasion when I want a change. I use two of the same style holsters a MS SSII and a Kramer iwb 3, I like the way they present my weapon and a GOOD belt is key, I use a wilderness 5 stitch or a Tucker. No problem at all carrying my 1911 all day.

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I have carried a Colt Combat Commander but frankly, I find it or any 1911 sized pistol too big and heavy to comfortably carry concealed.

A SIG P938 in a pocket holster is my choice for EDC and it's easier on clothing. Dressing around a full sized handgun and lugging it around all day has never been my thing.

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My commander is my primary ccw. Any of the many quality holsters and quality belts will address any concerns.
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Carry my Wilson Combat Professional in a Kirkpatrick IWB holster. I never really notice it or that it weighs me down.

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