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I like your front sight upgrade. XS?
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I don’t feel like I’m unprepared or unprotected with my wheelgun. My first goal is to have a firearm. If I knew I’d be going into battle I’d want a rifle. But since I have no crystal ball I’ll settle for one of my EDC guns. The one I carry mostly these days is a 3” kimber 357.

If I knew I would be faced with a John wick scenario and need 12-20 rounds of whatever I’d prefer a G45.

Should I encounter a covey of thugs I will not be disappointed to only have my 6 shooter. I’ll go down with a fight they will never forget. I’m proficient, and accurate with the wheelgun. I need to practice fast reloads and will do so this year.

I used to worry about not having the right kit on me. Two 17 round mags and a G17, or a 229 and two extra .357 mags.

Carry a gun, whatever you shoot well, and. Whatever you are comfortable with. I don’t live in Chicago so my kit may not suit everyone.


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Originally posted by Jim1970:

So over the last couple of years I’ve resumed my study of martial arts. While I’m FAR from being any kind of master, I will say that I’m comfortable with using BJJ and Kali in full contact scenarios (we do full contact drills quite often in both). I’ve learned a great deal about knife fighting, and it’s really taught me a lot about people. I’ve been trained to carry and use a handgun for personal defense too, and I’ve carried and stayed current with my glocks over the years religiously. With this said, knowing what I know about physical conflict - like distances typically encountered, warming signs, etc., plus the relatively safe area I live in (Wyoming), I’ve been thinking about getting away from my semi auto guns and going to a simple snub 38. My main rationale is the simplicity.

So with all that said, I’m curious if anyone else here has made a similar shift?

Thank you,


I too train in martial arts. I practice Wing Tsun which is a pretty close cousin to Kali. Really want to learn that some day. I have indeed made a shift but it is different than yours. My strategy is to completely eliminate a threat once it is engaged. To do this best, I am moving my carry position to appendix. We will see how that goes but turning my body away from an opponent at close range is less than ideal. better engage forward with eyes on threat. I'm also trying to shoot quicker patterns. Three shot Mozambique pattern with a vertical spread rather than treating torso and head as two different targets. I've altered my P220 with a gray guns trigger to allow faster shooting and easier transitions from da to sa. Also loading .45 down with 185 grain at 1050 fps to reduce recoil and improve speed. if this is not enough, i will port the pistol. I think I can train up to a good level of skill without having to do the porting. Anyway, I think we are thinking along some of the same lines. Peace.
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Carrying a revolver is equivalent to driving a model T today...

P226 x 4
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