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Been looking into a shoulder holster for my railed 220. So far all I’ve found has been from galco and craft holsters. Is there any other makers I’m not finding?

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I have one from Ross. I can’t remember where I picked it up, might’ve been on sigforum.
It says it’s made in South Africa. It has a strap across the back to keep it from flopping around too much.
It’s proven pretty comfy the few times I’ve used it. Holds a P220ST & two offside reloads pretty well.
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If you want a custom holster try looking at
bitterroot gunleather. They are making me a couple holsters. I have a Galco Miami classic for my P220st it works fine but here in SW Fl. I dont wear it much
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I really like my Alessi “Bodyguard” horizontal shoulder rig. Very comfortable, and the pistol doesn’t dangle when I lean forward. It’s very likely that Alessi is set up to make same for a P220.

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