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Having carried spare magazines weak side and vertical my whole life, the idea seemed a bit weird at first. I decided to try it at the range the other day and actually found it to work pretty well. I can't say that I've given it enough time or analysis to have a strong opinion, but wondering what others have found.

Is there a darn good reason most of us carry weak side vertical, or is it just because we've always done it that way?
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Only way I carry. I still carry weak side as its a matter of habit and my hand naturally goes there to search for reloads. I dont see any real advantage going strong side, not enough to try and undo 20+ years of habit. I also tend to caryr my spares farely far forward, almost appendix.

Tried it about 2 years ago and havent looked back. Not a lot a of good options out here last time I checked but I saw Stealthgear has a new stretchy sleeve that Im going to try. I forget who made the carriers I have but they were on the pricey side.

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I've been using horizontal magazine carriers from Magholder for a few years now. I typically carry mine weak-side, but don't see why one couldn't be carried strong-side if one desired.

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