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Searched for a long time, and finally bought here on SigForum, a P239 9mm DAK Gen 1 SAS.

I love it and carry it regularly in one of Dustin's IWB holsters.

Love the trigger for a carry pistol. Love the width for carrying. I've got small hands so the grip works for me.

P239 is one of my favorites.
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I bought my 239 in .357 sig many years ago.
It came with an extra barrel in 40, which I rarely shoot.
In .357 sig, it handles the limited nuclear round so well its easy to shoot.
I can carry it year around no problem, hardly know its there. With an 8 round mag and one in the chute, I've no concerns for a contact sport.

Out of my stable, its the only DA/SA I own as I' transitioned over to all SAO.
For a walk or quick jont out, I like my new 938, but the 239 will always get the nod when I want to fill my hands.

I've seen what the .357 does to more than one quadruped, and I carry with no worries.
An awesome piece of gear!


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Not so much anymore, carry the P229C "carry" instead. Still own the P239 however Wink

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I now usually carry my P225 A1 in a Don Hume own Holster, but will occasionally carry smaller choices based on clothing or environment. I had borrowed a P239 from a friend to test it for carry and loved it, but could not find one for sale at that time so bought the P225 which was readily available. I may still get a P239 in the future.

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The P239 was the very first gun I carried. It actually lasted quite awhile until the P320 came out. I just couldn't justify the P239 with its heavy weight and low capacity. Now it's the P320 (compact slide on subcompact frame) or the Glock 19.
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Everything in the carry world is a balancing of trade offs. In my opinion, considering all trade-offs, the P239 in 357 Sig is the best carry gun out there. I have regretted selling mine every day since I sold it.

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I've gone back to carrying my 239. It's my favorite.

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My EDC is either a P239 or P229 both in 357 Sig, depending on how I dress for the day. I shoot them both the same and since the controls are the same I am comfortable with either. The only time I notice them is when I don't have them on because I have to go into an establishment where carrying is illegal.

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I used to carry my 239 a lot, but the older I get the more sensitive I'm getting to weight on my hip, so I've pretty much gone to lighter guns. I carried 1911's for years and years, then the 239 and I'm going to start carrying my newly purchased 938 when I get it broken in.



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Since I live in NJ (a whole other republic)I can only dream of carrying my P239. I bought it in .40 and have the .357 barrel and rarely shoot .40 with it. .357 round is awesome to shoot. I've traded and sold many of my guns over the years and the 239 is still here. I love it and would carry it if I lived in a free country...rats

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