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I own and used to carry a P239 in .40. It's a great pistol and I intend to ship it off to Bruce Grey at some point to have his magic done. Most of the time presently I carry a G32, or for pocket carry, a G43.
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I carry my P239 9mm in a Don Hume 721OT quite often. I do rotate my carry guns based on what I am wearing, and where I am going, and honestly, sometimes "just because I feel like toting that one".

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Thanks ...for updates... Smile

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Jump over to the SIG Pistols forum and look at Yankee2500's thread called "Sig P239".
I posted some photo's of the P239 I got for Christmas and the holster I got from Dustin at Ozark Holsters.
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I've been carrying a P239 this winter in a Stealthgear OWB holster. It carries comfortably and conceals extremely well with a sweat shirt or jacket. The holster tucks very high and tight against your body if you have a good belt. I'll switch to a IWB holster for summer carry.
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I love my 239 chambered in .40. Shoot that as well as, or better, than anything else. That being said, I usually don't carry it, primarily due to the lower capacity. But every time I shoot it, I seriously reconsider...
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I'll still use the 239 on more formal situations or winter sometimes, but moved on to smaller pistols for most of my carry. Usually a .357 mag sp101 in the front pocket...
Sometimes a .380 if it's shorts and tank top weather...

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Originally posted by CWR67:
If you find one in .357Sig or .40 you can always pick up a barrel and magazine(s) for the other caliber. With 9mm, you can not switch it to a different caliber.

I originally purchased mine in .40 as that was my duty caliber at the time. Upon retirement I switched it over to .357. As I have more .40 ammo than .357 ammo, I practice with the .40 ammo and carry it with the .357.

What he said. Get it in .40 or .357 Sig. You can swap barrels - and there is even a 9mm barrel. If you by in a 9mm you are exclusively stuck with 9mm.

I have a 239 SAS DAK in a .40 with a .357 barrel also. I have very few round through it because I could never master the heavier DAK trigger. I'm thinking about either selling it or converting it to a SA/DA.

It's a great weapon, shoots straight and well made. It never gave me issues regardless
It carries very nice in my Milt Sparks VMII. Extremely comfortable and disappears in the waist with the VMII.

If it wasn't for the DAK trigger it would me my #1 go to.

I also carry a 1911 in a VMII. It is surprising how well a full 1911 carries because of it's flatness. I have a Sig 229 that I carry mostly in a VMII. It fits will but not as well as the 239 nor the 1911 (believe it or not).

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I bought a used one in .40 that included a 9mm barrel from a member here a few years back. It is a fantastic choice and is a real pleasure to shoot and very accurate.

Three I also carry are a 9mm PPS, a 9mm PPQ or a 220 carry SAS g2. I also bought the 220 and the PPQ used from members here.

Unexpectedly the P239 works well for me for those somewhat rarer times when I wish to carry an excess or maximum amount of rounds.

Many member here have said they felt the need to carry more rounds in past years. I started using the PPQ with its 15 rounder mags when things started to feel a little less cordial out there in recent times. For when I go into an area of town considered higher risk , I'll take more. For somewhere like the Texas State Fair, I like the 239 single stack mags for carrying multiples. Two each to a split cargo pocket. Counting the one on my belt, that means it can be up to 5 additional mags on me. With extenders, that means 2 rounds short of a box of .40 S&W 155gr Gold Dots on my person. I've tried to make the double stacks work for me, but just do not prefer more than one additional for on body carry. They just don't carry as well in the split cargo pockets. The only way I can see that working better is with dedicated leather for the mags as well. That's just not something that I have embraced the use of thus far. I have always carried one extra mag, horizontally at the waist, in a Safariland 123 or a multi-tool pocket.

I tried and liked some checkered G10 grips but I sold them. It now feels perfectly fitted for my right hand with the Crimson Trace laser grips, a short reach trigger, plus an SRT trigger kit installed. I just changed the CT's batteries for the first time and it still works great. But I've always said if the laser ever craps out, I'll likely leave these grips on. For me, they are perfect for this firearm.

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83v45magna ^^^^ Good stuff

I have G10s That I've saved that are for my old 239 DAK/DAO. I've handled a 239 with the Crimson Trace grips it was "Just Right". Thank you for your thoughts and write up.. Also to everyone else as well..

DukeMinski Thanks I did good info there as well.

I really like and have liked the 239.. I know it's not for everyone. In contrast I have a nostalgia desire for the P6 and really like them. But know the 239 is for many including me a odd duck that just fills the nitch for carry so well. The thin single stack back up mag is easy to carry. The Gun points naturally more like a 1911. Recoil in any of it's 3 caliber options is controllable. And while it's rare to re-holster a carry gun on a daily basis I do appreciate a hammer to thumb over. I like the DAK.. for more reasons than I have time to write.. but the da/sa is fine training is paramount with any...

Thanks again ...

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