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I have a couple questions for the forum and I ask that you bear with me. I already have a 320 full size in 9mm. I normally open carry since I live in WI. I go back home quite often to IL, and as we all know it is not the most friendly of places, so I am investing in a 320c, but also getting a subcompact frame as well so that I am able to carry when in IL.

My first question is what brand would you recommend for an IWB light bearing holster? I checked out Ozark Holsters, but they didnt have a light bearing holster. I have found a few others, but am not sure which to go with.

My second question is if I decide after getting a compact sized holster, I want to carry with the subcompact frame, will my compact holster fit my sub compact? My initial thoughts are the slide will still the be the same length and thickness, and the only thing that will change will be the grip and rail length, is my thinking correct here?

Lastly, I have a streamlight tlr2HL-G on my full size 320, it seems a bit bulky to put on a carry gun, so I am leaning towards the inforce apl. Would you guys agree the inforce would be abetter choice over a streamlight?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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BRAVO CONCEALMENT HOLSTERS can make a couple of different types of light bearing holsters. They're Kydex. They offer an expedited service for extra charge.

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Dara Holsters make virtually anything you want. They have holsters that will accommodate red dots, lasers and light/laser combinations. I use their holsters and am quite satisfied with the quality an pricing.
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I checked out Ozark Holsters, but they didnt have a light bearing holster.

Dustin will certainly make one for you. He made me a Kydex IWB holster for my P320C-9 with a XC-1 attached.

Please contact him directly via email and he should get right back to you.


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A Detroit Holsters 8-mile IWB for the P320C with C or SC (railed) frame and the Viridian C5L works great. I have that combination of light and holster, although I no longer carry the P320 (did for ) months but then went G19 across the board).

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