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Today at training I discovered that a OWB rear retention loop that can be snapped open or closed had become loose. The OTHER end of the strap is attached with a Chicago screw and it loosened and fell off. Not easy to drill with a floppy holster, held on with one strap.

I am thinking of (1) loctite (b) simpler pancake without removable strap or (iii) iwb.

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Had an interesting experience with a pancake holster. I was at a training course many years ago, where everyone had to bring a revolver in .38 or .357 Magnum, and we used simunitions. I got a lot of flak because others there thought I "cheated". The first time that came up, we were tasked with being the shooter at a modified El Presidente course of fire. The thing that was different was that all the targets shot back, and were at least as good as the shooter. I was the 5th or 6th guy to run the exercise, and I was also the last. Everyone before me got nailed by one of the "targets". I didn't. The reason that I didn't was I noticed something everybody else did. They stood in the box, stationery, while trying to get the guys in front of them before they got hit. Doesn't work well with three adversaries. The instructions were to get them before they got you. The instructions were not stand there and get them before they get you, so I didn't. As soon as the buzzer went off, I started moving sideways. I "cheated". I also didn't get hit, because my static targets weren't as good at hitting a moving target while standing still as I was at hitting a static target while moving. I was the last one to shoot the exercise because I illustrated one of the major points of the exercise.

Since I agreed with the teaching points, I didn't point out something else that happened during the exercise. One of the instructions was clawing and trying to pull the trigger like mad while pointing his .38 at me He had been using a paddle holster, and the whole thing came out, hugging his pistol and covering his trigger, blocking his finger. In his excitement, he didn't notice or realize his paddle holster was still on his revolver. My shot went over his hands and splattered his eye protection right over the bridge of his nose.

If you are going to use a paddle holster, make sure his has a very good catch and use a solid belt it is intended to work with. After that experience, I'll never use one for serious social purposes. And, I also use a bit of locktite on Chicago screws.

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Bob, that drives the point home.

In my own practicing drawing with one I was given, I also managed to yank the thing off my belt and start to present the gun the same way your instructor did. It put me off it for any real use right there.
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Originally posted by 4MUL8R:
I am thinking of (1) loctite.

Blue Loctite is your friend. Bolts or screws on a defensive tool for serious use should be Loctited.

Optic screws, handguard screws, grip screws, belt loop screws, belt/pocket clip screws, holster tension adjustment screws, etc.

Just don't use red Loctite, unless it's something that you never want to remove.
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