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posted has edited a Google Apps Translation which makes it easier to navigate and find the section you could be interested in. We are also hearing that it will be 4 to 6 months before Puerto Rico puts out an English version of the Act. I hope this is false and it comes out much earlier. The act does state training will be required. The Bureau of the Police will certify trainers. They also have 90 days from passage of the Act (12/11/19) to make info on the Act available on the Web. There is no set min/max cost for what trainers can charge. Universal recognition of all other permits.

With this new law we are hoping the PR Police put out good info on the law and how it is applied. We will just have to wait and see. I am also hoping since they will honor all other permits they will put things in English for those visiting from the Mainland.

Link to Formatted Translation of Act

Link to Puerto Rico Page at would really appreciate any info you have on this law change in Puerto Rico. It has been very difficult over the years to get any info from PR. Please Email me at as I can miss a PM. has gone thru every states page and checked the quoted statutes and compared them to the latest Published Statutes for the state making sure that is the most up to date statute wording. Ohio and Tennessee have will be updated with that info 1/1/19 as they have law changes I am working on for that date. wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Hoping your New Year is all you are looking forward to! Thank you and Stay Safe, Gary Slider

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Wow, that's awesome.

I just happened to check the status of my permit with other states and noticed that I now had 39 instead of the normal 38. Then I saw that Puerto Rico was green. Nice!


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