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Louisiana - House Bills 140. 334, 746 and 781 were signed by the Governor and go into effect August 1, 2020

HB 140 Strengthens Preemption

HB 334 Changed the present law which was a train wreck and allows those in charge of a House of Worship to allow concealed carry.

HB 746 Allows for Concealed Carry without a permit when a mandatory evacuation is ordered.

HB 791 strengthens preemption which keeps the government from banning firearm and ammo sales doing an emergencies and includes health emergencies.

www.handgunlawus recommentd you read the bills for more information. All removed/added wording is marked in the bills. This changes to Louisiana Laws will be added when they become effective.

Iowa - HF2502 has been signed by the Governor and goes into effect July 1. This bill strengthens preemption and also spells out Court House Carry by permit holders. This has been a thorn in local court houses as judges had different views on where in the court house a permit holder could carry.

Idaho and Other States - There are other changes coming July 1st. The big one is Idaho will become Permitless Carry. They already had permitless carry for residents and for non-residents outside of city/town limits. July 1 ANYONE who can legally possess a firearm can carry anywhere in Idaho where firearms are permitted. This brings to 14 the number of states with permitless carry. Three other states have Permitless Carry but with some restrictions. Wyoming and North Dakota allow Permitless Carry but only for their Residents while Montana allows permitless carry outside the boundaries of Cities, Towns, Lumber, Mining, Railroad Camps or while enjoying the great outdoors Hunting, Fishing, Hiking and there law also includes Farming and Ranching. You can see a listing of all the states and their Permitless Carry Laws at

Mississippi – On a side note that may be of interest Mississippi will now allow the teaching of the Hunter Safety Course in grades 7 thru 12. In the new law they first stress safe handling etc. Nice to see some states taking the lead in teaching firearm safety,

These changes in state statutes will be added to their respective state pages at when they become effective.

Stay Safe,
Gary Slider
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