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For me the beauty of the smart carry is you really don't have to have it pointing at your junk when I do use mine I wear it so my gun is @ 4-5 o'clock on my hip like any other IWB holster. The grip barely sticking up above my belt line.
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Originally posted by Pal:
If you are still in Taylor I would go with a nice two point sling for your AR!

Sorry, couldn't resist!


I can see your thinking there, and in some sections of town, in the midnight hours, it would be advisable. Wink

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I got my Smart carry holster/bellyband and so far so good. I can wear loose basketball type shorts and it feels OK. My wife didn't even notice I was carrying today until I asked her if it was noticeable. She said it wasn't.

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The BR Appendix holster looks great. My wife wants one for her new HK P30sk.
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