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Each post crafted from
rich Corinthian leather
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Recently rooting through the “holster box” most of us have (in my case, a collection of large Ziploc bags), I came across a double magazine pouch I thought I’d actually sold some time back - a horsehide pouch by C. Rusty Sherrick. It is quite well-crafted.

Is anyone here using their gear?

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Nice looking piece of gear, and reasonable prices. I had not heard of this maker before.


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I have holsters no pouches. He’s a good holstermaker fast great service.
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I had not heard of this maker before.

I had heard of him before, but this is the first time I've seen an actual (not just from the website, but that of an actual owner) photo of the work. Very nice. And in horsehide, too, which I understand doesn't dye all that well, but this would seem to disprove that.
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I have ordered from Rusty before. He is a pretty likable guy and makes a nice holster. He generally puts veterans and police ahead in orders which I don't have a problem with (I'm not a vet or a cop). Back when I was dealing with him he was going through some sort of painful condition with his arm or hand....I can't remember. It took about a year and a half to get my stuff from him. That is a long time, but I just simply couldn't be upset with him as I knew he was struggling and I just flat out liked the guy. I would order from him again,but not if I needed something quick. Hopefully he is doing better now......Maybe I will order a holster from him for my DW V-Bob. I'm also a big fan of horsehide.

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