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Without arguing the merits and downsides of small of the back carry, I need a holster. I've got a Galco MOB for a 5" 1911 that's served me well for years. It's a small of the back IWB holster with a large nylon clip. It's extremely easy to take on and off transferring from vehicle to personal carry.

Looking at getting a Glock 20 and need a holster like this. Sadly, Galco no longer makes them. Surfing the web looking at the usual holster makers is not turning up anything similar.

Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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DARA Holsters makes an SOB IWB that fit G20. Not the usual design, though.

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So this is a middle-of-the-back holster? The gun is carried upright and tilted slightly toward your strong side, the butt is pointed outward toward the strong side, and you draw by sliding your fingers between the gun butt and your back? Sounds like you want an opposite-handed holster (left-handed holster for right hand and vice versa) with the clip able to be adjusted for a slight reverse cant. There are lots of those out there.
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Kirkpatrick Leather Small of Back Model 508?

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