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I think you made a good choice with the Shield. I have both the 9 and a 40. It may be just me, but the 40 seems to shoot softer than my G23 or P229, not much different than the 9. I can't explain it, it defies logic, but that's my take. I sometimes carry the Shield in summer and as a result I carry the 40. Both have been 100% reliable out of the box with no breakin with an assortment of FMJ and JHP ammo. I carry IWB but did put a grip glove on them as I have big hands.

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Good choice. My wife loves hers and I was very fond of mine as well.
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Late to the party, but I picked up a Springfield Armory XDs 3.3" 9mm about a year ago. I love the thing. Very compact, thin, 8+1, and disappears under an UnderArmor shirt.

My wife wants one now. She shot mine and a G43, but shot better with mine.

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Originally posted by ASKSmith:

...My wife wants one now...

Sign up for PSA emails. They're $415 now with free shipping, but IIRC there was a much better daily deal on them last week
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P225 or S&W 3913 are some of the best single stacks out there in my opinion. The P239 never did it for me, it seemed fat and top heavy.
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I agree with Dewhorse P225 or P6 if you can find one.

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Originally posted by mosquito:
I appreciate all the advice and suggestions. I went to my local FFL dealer yesterday and they had most of these available to handle.

After spending time with each of them, I came home with a Shield, in 9mm, no safety. I'm looking forward to getting some range time with it, and then seeing how well it carries.

Thanks again!

Good choice!
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I did have a SW 3913 TSW no rail was a gem.
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Good choice! I really like my Shield and for the money and fit, I found it a better deal than the G43 even though I'm a big Glock fan.

I really like the TTGunleather Mike's Special thin for carry.

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Good choice!
Mine has been 100% reliable if it fits your hand and you can hit what your aiming at it might be your favorite carry gun.
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khar p9 hands down

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Good choice. The shield is a great gun. Hope you like it
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I picked up a Sig P290RS in 9mm last year, and use it with a pocket holster. The regular length magazine is a bit short, but still useful. The longer magazine gives a better grip, and can still be used in a pocket.

My other choice was a S&W Shield. The stock trigger on the Sig is better, to me than the stock trigger on the Shield. I've tried a shield with an after market trigger, and found the change an improvement. It also made the price about equal. I had to look some to find the Sig P290RS in 9mm-most of the ones I found were .380.

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I use a Kahr MK9 or a Springfield EMP 9mm. Both work well for me.
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+1 on the Kahr PM9. I pocket carry it and IWB. I've had it a while too and it runs and runs. I like the simple platform... it doesn't try to be a scaled down so and so.


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Originally posted by 911Boss:
P938 is my pocket carry, replaced my pocket carry j-frame.

I recently did the same. I really like the P938 Blackwood. Great looking two tone, excellent night sights, very accurate, comfortable to carry and flawless functioning.

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I like the Walther PPSM2.

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Walther classic PPS M1 with Talon rubbery grips.
Lightweight, ultrathin and accurate.
Interchangeable back straps assure a comfortable grip.
XS Tritium sights are another plus.
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