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Missouri’s new law goes into effect 1/1/17 allowing permitless carry. Their new law doesn’t state you don’t need a permit but now states the Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm only applies to someone carrying a firearm into one of the places listed in state statute that is off limits by statute. Carry on posted private property is listed as a place off limits but that is the only place they have to ask you to leave first before a person carrying under permitless carry would be in violation of the law. You can see that listing or

The Minnesota BCA has released a new list of states Minnesota will Honor.
They have removed Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Minnesota will no longer honor those four states permits. They stated this in the email they sent out.

“After researching the laws of other states and communicating with their representatives, four states are no longer eligible for reciprocity because their state laws include age and training exemptions that are “NOT similar” to Minnesota laws that mandate a minimum age of 21 and require specific Permit to Carry training for all applicants. These states are: Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.” will be updated with the changes stated above early on January 1, 2017. hopes the New Year brings you all you hope for!

Edit: I should have stated in my post that Arkansas, Ohio, Oklahoma and Tennessee will continue to honor Minnesota. Those four states honor all other states permit/licenses.

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Well, that sucks.

Normally you need to be 21+ to get a CHL in Arkansas. But recently, the law was changed to allow 18+ year old members of the military to qualify for a CHL as well.

Looks like that's what MN is using to revoke AR reciprocity, since it's now possible to have an AR CHL and not be 21.
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MN never did honor my AZ permit so, fuck 'em.
(by that I mean their legislature that has the twin cities dictating policy for the whole state)

If I didn't have some family there, I would never intrude on their lib paradise with my presence or my cash.

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Confusing about OK. Nothing along those lines has changed for years. Twenty-one years old minimum. Eight hours of training including a written test and live fire qualification.

Thanks for the update.
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