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Has anyone bought, vetted, and put into carry duty, a 1911 chambered in 10mm?

If so...thoughts, caveats, experiences?
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A 10mm Cbob was my ccw for 3years. Now in Md, so no more ccw.
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My primary carry is a DW Silverback in 10 mm. I find it handles better than my 1911s in .45acp.

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Carried a Colt Delta for quite a while in the old Bianchi Askins Avenger holster.
Concealed well. Shot great when I could afford ammo for it. Which at that time was the old Norma 170 Gr. JHP. To me it carried like any other 1911, but a little lighter.
Like an idiot, I sold it.
As soon as I get some disposable $$$, I will try out the Ruger SR 10mm.

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Don't know why not but I find the 10mm in a 1911 more abusive with full power ammo than the 45acp.

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I know a couple of guys here who have carried full size Colt 10mm regularly.

I carried a DW Classic CBOB in 10mm for a while. I have not generally found the commercial loads to be too punishing to carry. I don't think you have to carry full power loads to get the benefit of 10mm in a self defense situation, but that's just my off the top of the head, uninformed opinion.

It would be interesting to know if anyone has done self-defense or other sort of similar training with 10mm and how it went.

Seems I remember a comment by Bruce Gray about shooting .357sig as a self defense round and he thought, if I recall correctly, it was too snappy and hard to control for most people to use as a self defense round, However, I may not be remembering correctly.

If he thought that of .357sig, I expect 10mm would just be more of the same.
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