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We are usually entering a quiet time of the year for law changes. It seems like it is the very blue states that keep on coming up with more ways to make things difficult for us honest firearm owners/carriers this time of year. The Corps of Engineers have still not approved the Rule Change for carrying on their property. It looks like final action will not take place until Feb 2021. At least that is my take on what they are stating. You can see that at

It could be earlier but then we are talking about government!!!! Below is a link to the Action and the new wording for the Rule on carrying firearms on Corps Property If/When approved.


The proposed rule must be approved and then published in the Federal Register. They usually go into effect about 30 days after they are published in their final form but can be sooner or even take longer than 30 days.

We have also combined our SYG/Castle Doctrine and Brandishing Laws into one Document. We haven’t decided where we are going to put a link to it on the site. It will be somewhere in the Left Column on the main page when it is added. There have been some additions and what has been updated other than formatting issues is listed at the end of each section. Feedback is appreciated.

We have added the Original Version of Massad Ayoobs “10 Commandments of Concealed Carry.” It is located in the Left Column and we have titled it “Lethal Weapons Carry.” “Carrying a lethal weapon in public” are the first six words of this Article. Mas first wrote it in 2008 and Harris Publications Inc. put it in print. This is a longer version than what has been published as his 10 Commandments lately. Worth the time to read it.

The Armed Citizens’ Defense League Network, Inc. has posted a link to an interview they did with Massad Ayoob on “Defense Against Mobs.” I believe it is worth the time to read it.

Also the Network offers for “Free” a 24 page booklet titled, “What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law.” Fill out the form and it will show up in your Mail box at home. https://armedcitizensnetwork.o...ct/request-a-booklet (Full disclosure! I am a member of the Network)

If you want to see what has been updated on you can click on “Site/Data Updates” at the top of the left column at and scroll down. Plus each document you view on the site has an Updates Section at the bottom of that document giving the date and section or what was updated. It shows the updates over the last year or so but there is a link there to see the archive of what all was updated on that page back to when it was created or to early 2009. I am also in the process of checking all the links on the site as one of my pet peeves is clicking on a link and getting “Not Found!” I very much appreciate those who report broken links on the site!
Since I reference material on I wish to repeat that we make no money from the site. How many page views we get doesn’t put money in our pocket. is Free to access for everyone and has no Ads. We do this as we know the information is needed for the good Guys/Gals out there to stay within the law. We Believe in the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and that the Government doesn’t have the authority to infringe on the God given Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms!

Stay Safe,
Gary Slider
Member Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.
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Thanks, Gary. Y'alls info is always appreciated. I know you both put a lot work in on this site.


Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.

Henry Ford
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Thank you, I have been waiting also due to I work for the ACOE part-time.
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As always, much appreciated.
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