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Thermonuclear Vulcan
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OK, here it comes. I've heard all the horror stories and warnings about SOB (Small of Back) Carry. My EDC is and always will be the Sig 225. There is now an issue for me carrying IWB (too much me) and I'm fine carrying OWB. I was thinking about how many times in my 71 years that I was forced to the ground, knocked over, or slipped and fell on my back. Zero times. Do any of you carry SOB? I'd like to hear from actual users or victims. There's such a nice hollow back there. It would be a shame to waste it. Zebulon
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I carried SOB years ago. FWIW, I have carried in just about every position in every type of holster since 1970 for work assignments. I always go back to owb or iwb hip carry. It's faster, discreet, accessible and defensible.

Aside from the potential of injuring your back in a close combat situation/fall, carrying SOB is almost impossible to defend. Especially if you are trying to ward off an attack with your strong hand. A gun "snatch" from behind could occur before you could react defensibly. If you're unfortunate enough to get into a wrestling match with some turd, the turd will probably have more access to your pistol then you will. Try grasping a canted SOB pistol with your off a close quarters struggle. It's near impossible unless you're a contortionist. SOB makes as much sense as ankle carry in my opinion.

SOB is difficult to access when seated or in a car. I experienced instances where my suit coat road up over the weapon and I didn't realize it. An advantage of CCW is about the element of surprise. Walk around in public for who knows how long with your weapon exposed doesn't follow that concept.

How do you know you won't be "forced to the ground, knocked over, or slipped" falling on your back. Unplanned things happen especially as we age. You and both know that. If I could read the future, I'd have stayed home on August 04, 1985 and read a book. That my my second OIS incident.

But we're all made different so if that's your choice, good luck with it.


It never ceases to amaze me where naive people think they're safe from harm. There is no way to predict when something bad is going to happen nor where it will occur.
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Thermonuclear Vulcan
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Everything you said makes perfect sense. Thank you....Zeb
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Frangas non Flectes
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I'm only 34 and a few months ago I slipped on the garage stairwell and rode about nine stairs on my tailbone before I stopped myself, and skinned the ever-loving out of my lower back on those nice aluminum edges all the way down. I was carrying IWB at 3:00 at the time. I shudder to think of how it would have gone if I was carrying SOB.

The pistol and kydex could have shielded me from injury, but the Glock would have been absolutely rashed to shit. Then again, it could have been just enough to do awful things to spinal components that like being aligned correctly, and I wouldn't care to experiment and find out. As it is, I had some interesting scabs and bruises for a while, but had all but forgotten about it until now. Had I been carrying SOB, I'm sure that one way or another, I would have been much more memorable.

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I think it all depends on what one is doing. I have one SOB holster, came with a handgun, carried a few times. Say one is in the woods, wants a gun and also wants the sides free, low likelihood of instand need. In this instance, SOB may work, much less so for driving.

I'm venturing a slightly different direction, that is 'cross draw'. Much of the times our hands are around the belly, it's better for driving, sitting, and easier than IWB.

I'm also one that doesn't look for that one holster to do it all. One needs choices, it can often depend on what we're doing and how we prefer to carry.
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I can't speak to using SOB except for what I've read from some of the custom holster makers but I can speak to being a big around the middle guy and I generally carry iwb with no issues what so ever. As long as you have a good belt and holster and loose fitting clothes you should be good to go, I think some people think that they can wear the same pants they have always worn and not realize they need room for the holster and weapon. I carry iwb with a loose t-shirt and now since it is getting cold I tuck in my shirt and cover with a loose sweat shirt. Good luck which ever way you decide to go.

It's kids like you, who make this bus late.
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It's not just the falling on the back. You also can't tell if your gun is covered. And try reaching for the gun when you're driving.
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I tried the SOB a few years ago. It was not for me. I had a good quality holster--carried my 228 and 229 but every time I sat down it felt like I had a brick in the small of my back. I moved it around. That did not help. I wore it a couple of weeks but just could not get use it. Maybe it's just my build. I can carry either of the 228 or 229 in my VM2 all day long and forget they are there. (I'm 70 so I'm not slim and trim).

I hope the SOB or whatever you decide works out for you. Good Luck!


Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.

Henry Ford
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