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Nice for the price. Sturdy, well made, nice stitching, concealable and secure.

Someone here on the forum suggested Winthrop leather when I began searching for a holster for my Sig P250sc. This was a good choice for me. It was tight, I followed the manufacturer's instructions and wrapped one of my P250sc pistols in the plastic shipping bag; then inserted it in the holster and let the gun sit for a week.

I should of ordered one for my Sig P232 as well.

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Agree... I have 4 WL holsters. All good quality and priced right. Fast shipping and great phone service too.

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Being an "Old Fart", I dislike Kydex I want and use Leather. Have 4 Winthrop Holsters and just got their belt. The first holster I got from them they had to do up for Me. Talked to them and No problem said it might take 10 day's, I had it in 5 day's, helped being in Southwest Michigan they are in Cleveland, Ohio aera. Great People. Bill
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For real?
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Thanks to you guys I decided to order a holster from them on Thursday. Needed something simple. Sucks to pay tax but it's arriving today. Always happy to support businesses local to me.

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Thanks for the review – glad that you like it. It's similar to my Mitch Rosen 5JR full belt slide holster, which is a bit pricey at $145. I used the "Leather Lightning" lubricant that Mitch sells for break-in. This "Full Detail" model allowed me to specify belt slot length:

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This thread caught my interest.

To date, the only thing I can say about Winthrop holsters is, they are not real good about responding to email. In fact, my experience indicates that they are really, really, bad at this.

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