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Check with Dustin Osborn of Ozarks Holsters. I have several of his Kydex rigs and he makes a "belt slide" cut down version of his OWB holster for me.
May not be the same thing, but last summer I took a pretty good tumble down a slope while wearing this holster with a SP2022 in it.
Never dislodged the pistol.
I attribute this to it being closely molded to the actual dimensions of the gun.

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Originally posted by matthew03:
Originally posted by christuan:
Originally posted by DMF:
Originally posted by matthew03:
If a screw backs out unexpectedly while you are out and about, you have a problem.
Easily avoided with a little Loctite.
Honestly, I have rarely ever been asked to increase retention, maybe never. . .
How many of your customers have many hours of training (both as a student and instructor) requiring them to fight with their gun on, and defend that gun from a take away? How many of them have that experience, and therefore have had many opportunities to see gear tested hard, including the necessary amount of retention on a concealment holster, to see what works, and just as importantly, what does not work?

I know from experience that having a very tight holster is a huge benefit.

Frankly, the VAST majority of Level I kydex holsters out on the market today, plainly do not, and cannot stand up to a gun grab, even from a trained defender.

There are very few kydex Level II holsters out there that assist with retention, and the vast majority of them are HUGE and are horrible for concealment.

I agree wholeheartedly with what you're saying; most kydex holsters out there are same-old-same-old, and haven't been really tested for real-world outcomes.

All due respect, concealment holsters are not meant to. Leather concealment holsters do not resist a take away either.

No worries at all. There's always a balance and a trade off with concealment vs. accessibility vs. retention.

No holster will protect against a takeaway on its own, that's obvious. Retention screws on kydex holsters are important for duty/plainclothes use frankly because it's better than nothing.

Additionally, many cops and shooters are more concerned about being quick on the draw than the security of their weapon, and quality kydex holsters with active retention that are actually concealable are few and far between.

The ones I favored the most while they were still being made were put out by Megiddo Tactical Group; they were using David Lathrop, formerly of Blade Tech and K Rounds, but that relationship didn't work out.

Solid click of the kydex at the lightest settings requiring a deliberate drawstroke, and the tensions screw, once tightened down offered excellent retention.

They might still have some in stock, but I know that Lathrop is no longer making them.

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I used to use an Eclipse OWB holster from Blade-Tech. It hug quite close to my body and had an adjustment screw. It was used with my X-5 Alround, which I sold after buying a P320.

"Positive Lock Trigger Guard™ witha Level 1 Friction Fit with an adjustable tension screw."

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