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I carry a 2022 in 9mm in one of Dustin's Ozark Holsters(IWB), also carried in a 3 slot Pancake style with retention. I would like to add I do believe that my IWB from Dustin was one of his first if not the first he made for the 2022 with the Pic rail.
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P226R in .357SIG. I've carried it for a little over 13 years in a Versamax II, right hand at roughly 4-4:30.


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My favorite Sig for carry was always a 239. I just can't get comfortable with any of the larger models in concealed carry.
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P320C 9mm in a BlackRhino TCS holster w/ 15% cant.
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I've been practicing and simultaneously breaking in my Sig P365. So far 1000 flawless rounds of ball ammo. Now for the Gold Dots. If, after break in with the hollow points, she's still flawless, I'll have a major decision in front of me ... so far, I'm just not feeling comfortable with a gun that small. I know, it's not much smaller than my other small carry gun, and not small enough (compared to my other) to matter.

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been a p224 or 229 but just picked up a 365 and love it, also have a a 320c i'm thinking of rotating in with the365
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Sig p938 or p238 depending on how I am dressed. Pocket carried always in uncle Mike's #4 for the 938 and #3 for the 238.
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