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Frangas non Flectes
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Mark is a pretty slim and trim dude. I am... not, lol. Big Grin

We talked a bit over text yesterday and I showed him my setup and asked a few clarifying questions. I definitely think he would benefit from an actual gun belt, and a holster that can be adjusted for ride height and cant, and suggested a Hank’s Ahmish belt and Stealthgear Ventcore, which is what I use. I carry a Glock 19 all day, every day, and have tried a ton of holsters. I haven’t found a more comfortable setup. I know it’s there, at 2:30, but it doesn’t spend all day reminding me, you know?
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Still finding my way
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Right on,that's a solid set up.
I wear tucked in polo shirts to work mainly so I like to use a tuckable holster with a single overhook clip at about the 1:30 position. With a foam wedge if keeps the grip against me and is quite comfortable.
I also like this set up because it is super easy to take on and off without reholstering.
Lots of great options out there but you should really have a sturdy gun belt as a foundation. I love my Armour belt from Mike but I've also like the various "rigger" type nylon belts as well if I'm using something with metal clips. (I'd hate to scuff up my nice leather). Cool

my current AIWB holster
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The Velvet Voicebox
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Hey Mark,excuse me for beating a dead horse,but I'll go along with all the above suggestions about A P365. For a long time I carried a Kahr cw9. Felt ok, but I always wanted something with a smaller footprint if possible. Now that's it's winter, I had been carrying my g26 IWB hidden under sweaters & coats. I've had a P365 with a TLR-6 for 2 months now and It. Is. Great. For IWB carry either at 1 -3 O Clock. I have it in a Tulster kydex IWB holster & Sometimes I forget I have it on. It's that comfortable. I use Wilderness tactical belts and the combination works extremely well for me. Something to consider.

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Thanks everyone. My first job is going to be to get a better belt.
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Peripheral Visionary
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Originally posted by mark123:
Thanks everyone. My first job is going to be to get a better belt.

I'm with Cliff on the WT belt. I've worn a 5-stitch belt everyday for years. Great choice if you don't want leather.

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Frangas non Flectes
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Originally posted by mark123:
Thanks everyone. My first job is going to be to get a better belt.

Whatever you go with, if you decide to spring for it, double-thickness horsehide, bull hide, or a kydex liner sandwiched into the belt for stiffening will completely change your world. Instead of cinching the gun to your side and it flopping and bouncing with every step, you adjust it to be comfortable, and the belt supports and distributes the weight of the gun. Night and day difference.

Even a cheap Chinese-made Blackhawk belt with a kydex liner for my first carry belt made all the difference between serious sciatica flare-ups and comfortable carry. The Hank's standard Ahmish belt is even better. And yes, I want to eventually get a Hank's Gunner belt at some point. Smile
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Hybrid style holsters help a lot, also. They support the weight of the gun much better I find than a typical OWB or IWB.

As others have noted, a real gunbelt is essential.

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and this little pig said:
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I found that a Galco King-Tuk works great for me. I carry this at around 5 o'clock. First time I used it, I drove about 3 hours and never even noticed I had a gun (G19) on. Being that it is a little farther back on my waist than 3 o'clock, it is real easy to conceal. With a little training, you should find it very easy to present should the need arise!!!
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These days I find myself almost exclusively carrying with a Smartcarry. I was carrying a G26 with a Glock OEM + base plate and a spare G17 magazine. I've recently switched to a P320 Compact (9mm) with a spare 17 round mag. Down here in FL it's not too often that I'm wearing anything more than a t-shirt and jeans/shorts, which is no issue when using a Smartcarry holster. The only real drawback is that it takes slightly longer to draw from when compared to most other carry methods.


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P365 in Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. Front right pocket on jeans and hardly know it is there.

Probably my carry 95% of the time. If for some reason I have to go off-body in a bag or brief than it is either the P365 or P30SK

If (God forbid) I have to go into Seattle proper and “gun up” then it would be the P320 X-Carry or P30L

Love my P229ST (fine tuned by Bruce Gray himself) and my P229 Legion SAO but I just don’t see myself carrying them as a CCW.

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A P938 is small and concealable. I carry mine when lighter clothing is in order.

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I carried a 229 for years. Never knew what it was like to carry something that didn’t feel like a brick on my belt. Went from that to a 938 and it changed everything. Now I go from a G43 to G19. As well as I can shoot my 229 I’ll never go back to carrying it
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Carrying and holsters is a very personal choice, and we each migrate to our favorites. And in my case, my tastes seem to change every few years.

I'm currently mostly carrying a G43, and a year ago I decided to try a "Sticky" holster. LINK

It's basically a padded fabric sleeve with a mildly sticky (think post-it note sticky) outer covering. I carry IWB, and can vary position as comfort dictates. Belts aren't as big of an issue, as the belt isn't supporting most of the weight. It is inside the belt, so it pulls the pistol closer to my body much better than a standard holster for better concealment. They are relatively inexpensive, and I haven't worn through one yet, although I'm not a daily carry-er (I work at .gov). They only make a handful of sizes, so if you have similar guns, you won't need a unique holster for each. Only downside (to me) is re-holstering. But it's not like I'm constantly drawing either.

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One note, an AIWB doesn't work for people with Dunloppen Disorder. Not comfortable at all when the gun digs into your roll.

I'm in the a) Better belt, and b) lighter gun category. P365 is very light and easily concealable, as is the Ruger ECP.

Of course, you could also pocket carry a small revolver or semi.

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I agree with already mentioned lighter gun, 1.5" wide 1/4"- 5/16" thick special purpose made gun belt. And I would add suspenders to shift weight to shoulders. Good luck.

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Originally posted by davemercer:

I would add suspenders to shift weight to shoulders.

Most suspenders fasten to pants, either by buttons or clips.

I use Perry suspenders. Instead of fastening to pants, they have clips that support the belt directly. Much better for carrying the weight of a gun and spare magazine(s).

Perry has a website with a huge selection. Walmart also carries them, not as wide a choice of colors or styles, labeled "Dickies / Perry," usually at an end cap in the menswear area.

The ones at Walmart are around nine bucks, they are more on the Perry website, but there is a much larger selection of styles, widths, and colors.

You can also find them on Amazon ("Perry suspenders"), but right now I would not recommend Amazon as first choice; Prime shipping, that is supposed to be two days, is taking as much as three weeks even for items that are in stock at the warehouse, because virus.

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