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Best holsters for the M11? Will 229 holsters work? Since Tennessee changed the legal age to acquire a CC to 18 for military I will be getting it earlier than I thought. Any recommendations on holsters is appreciated.
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Laugh or Die
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It's a p228. 226 and 229 holsters might work, but I wouldn't buy one sight-unseen. The 226 and 228 have different trigger guard profiles so some holsters may not work between them. The 229 and 228 have different slide profiles, so some holsters may not work between them.

... Well at least I thought it was a 228. Looking at the SIG website:

It says it's a p229 variant, but the damn picture says P228 on the grips. The picture has full length slide serrations like a 228 and like I said, it SAYS 228. I guess your best option is to wait for someone more informed than me to post here or go to a gun store with the pistol in hand, talk to the employees, and try some different holsters out before buying.

Huh... looking at the full line of P229s now, it looks like they all have full length slide serrations now. I guess they merged the 228 and 229 models semi-recently... But looking at the trigger guard difference between the M11A1 and all the other 229 models, it looks like you'd be safer buying a P228 holster.

All in all, good luck Razz
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Striker in waiting
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The M11 is/was a P228. Dimensionally it (they) is (are) the same as a P229 (non-railed, of course).

Any holster fit for a P228 or P229 will fit your M11.

I carry my P228 OWB in a Galco Concealable with ease. During the winter, it goes under my coat in a Miami Classic with two spare mags on the opposite side for balance.


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The Quiet Man
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The M-11 is a 228.

The M-11A1 is a 229 with 228 grip panels.

The actual difference is pretty small. The leather I've had made for my M-11A1 has all been for a 9mm 229 without rail. It also fits in my old 228 holsters and several of my 229r holsters, though in some of those the fit is a bit looser than I'd like, depending on where the holsters grip the gun.

My M11-A1 is my most carried Sig, discounting my duty weapon.
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Big Stack
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The M-11A1 is a rail-less P229. I don't know if a holster made for a railed P229 would work with it.
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I carry an M11-A1 most every day. I carry it in an IWB no rail 229 leather holster. I also carry it in a Galco 226R shoulder holster and it works fine. It is not perfect, but works well with a Legion Kydex holster I have for the Legion 229, which does have a rail.
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FWIW, I bought a Blackpoint Tactical Standard OWB holster for my 226R, and I was a little surprised at how well it fit my M11 A-1. Since the M11 is slightly shorter, and no rail, I may go ahead and get one of their Leather Wing holsters for the M11. I also have a Galco IWB leather holster for my 226 and my M11 fits it equally well.
The Blackpoint Tactical gear is very nice; highly recommended.
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Hi All,
I have a new M11-A1 that I have been test firing and evaluating carry systems for as I work it into my EDC line up. This excellent kydex holster is from and is a great piece of work. For ~$50, you can't go wrong. FYI, no (decent) holster is "plug and play". I did have to adjust the cant of the clip and work to get the tension just right, but Gearcraft got it right with this one. I had mine in less than a week. They have lots of cool patterns, too. I spoke with the owner and he told me that he had a M11-A1 to mold from. Click here for pic...

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