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Originally posted by Mikedare:
Thanks for all the kind comments!

Thank you Mike.
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AG Custom Gun leather belts are the best around!
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Go Vols!
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Originally posted by AH.74:
Originally posted by trapper189:
The Rafter S belts had two rows of stitching around the belt that was probably over kill, but it looked sharp.

I liked the look as well, which is why I bought one years ago before the slow downhill process started with them.

It was high quality but too thick, which caused issues with not being able to work with all my holsters. I ended up selling it.

Back then they were the only ones I know of who offered the dual stitching. Now, The Beltman and Armour belts both offer that option.

I have belts from the old and new Belt(men) and they're all excellent. If I had need for other belts I would not hesitate to order from Mike at Armour either.

Beltman now has this available on 1.5" and 1.25" belts. I prefer the look as well and just received one.

Very, very similar and high quality. Only differences are the inside is light colored and the stitching stops immediately before the buckle where the double layer ends. Rafter S kept going to the very end.
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Does the double row of stitching contribute to the stiffness or is it only for looks

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Picked up 2 horsehide belts and 2 cowhide belts from Bullhide. Real quick on shipping. Hung around the site and a 10% off code popped up. Grabbed a clearance belt - couldn’t tell it wasn’t brand new. Thanks for the tip.
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I prefer leather for a material, but have been spoiled by the infinite adjustability of synthetic material belts Frown

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Recently required a steel reinforced leather belt from Excellent quality and reasonable price. Makes a significant difference when carrying especially since I carry a full size 1911 or a Sig p220.
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I bought my Rafter S sharkskin belt in 2005.

I got fat and had to get a leatherworker to extend it.

I got skinnier and returned to the regular length.

Now I'm even skinnier and am going to have it reduced.

14 years. Damn thing looks new, almost. One of my favorite purchases of my life.

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I have a couple of gunbelts from Tucker Gunleather. they are extremely sturdy, and come in two thicknesses, plus the usual multiple widths. plus the leather work is impeccable. if you want to dress up with stamping and trim, it looks great.

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