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Originally posted by 4MUL8R:
My scooter has 781cc. When I ride, I do like to be armed.

I had a great option for you but it's only good for scooters up to 743cc. Damn...
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Originally posted by JJexp:
I always made sure I bought a riding jacket with a zippered external pocket that would fit my gun of choice.

This. I carry my J frame in the vest pocket when wearing club colors, or in the cargo pocket of my riding pants.

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I ride in a full suit fwiw. Met a Harley rider once. He used to carry a 1911 on his hip. I don’t remember if it was a low or high side but he landed on his 1911 and it shattered his hip. I use a tank bag, and my throttle. Unless it’s an Ariel Atom or Ferrari I will leave any vehicle for dead in a straight or around a turn. I’ve got a Bladetech Klipt and leave it in the tank bag.

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I don’t ride but having recovered a pistol in a cheap clip holster from the shoulder of a highway I recommend having something with a stout pull the dot belt loop if your going to carry on body while riding.
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I carry two guns when I ride. I carry one in an OWB holster and maybe only a little bit sticks out the bottom of the jacket, but I don’t think enough for people to see. I then carry a smaller backup gun in the inside zipper pocket of the jacket.

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I use the same OWB holster I use the rest of the time.

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I carry the same when I ride my motorcycle as I do when I am not. Usually OWB, but sometimes IWB. I have 1 summer riding jacket that rides in just the wrong place that it gets caught on the holster so I simply don't use that jacket. I don't use it so should give it to my sister but haven't gotten around to it. I have a cruiser type bike so usually don't lay forward on the tank, but do on occasion during longer rides.
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