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I have a coworker that is looking for a tuckable holster for a XDS. He wants a standard IWB kydex holster that is tuckable. But he wants the Galco Skyops type holster in kydex, not one of the kydex leather hybrid types.



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I just got a Kydex tuckable IWB from Muddy River Tactical for my Sig P-320 Compact and it's fabulous. Very well made, adjustable cant, the belt clip is very unobtrusive, and it is extremely comfortable and stable.

Here's a link to the XDS page:

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Would a C-TAC be too big? Personally, I don't like the type that position the clip on top of the holster body, but a 229 is a lot bulkier than an XDS to begin with.

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It's not the Kydex but I really like these Talon leather holsters.

I have several of their reg IWB's and a few of their Tuckable IWB's.
Great people to deal with directly or they can be found on Amazon. They have Free Shipping on their Tuckable IWB's. You probably have to deal directly for the Free Shipping. Fast shipping he'll have it in a couple days Priority mail.

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I've been happy with my Vedder holsters.

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I would tell him to look at the Blade-Tech Klipt Ambi. It appears to be a remake of their old UCH holster, which was my favorite for small autos. Personally I would get a longer tuckable clip as the stock one looks rather short.
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Clearwater Tactical makes some great kydex holsters and they are tuckable.
I'm wearing this one today for my CZ P01. I added a concealment claw and with a 10° cant it disappears under a tucked in polo shirt at 3:30.

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For the rare occasions I need a tuckable holster, I use a G Code INCOG Eclipse. However, I did replace the strut/clip, with a strut and belt loop.

They make them for the XD pistols.

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Bravo Concealment is excellent. I have these for several carry guns.


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