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Got cold enough in Houston to hang up the shorts and wear sweats.

No belt, minimal pockets.

Normal carry is a G23.

I do have a CZ82.



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Full Zip Hoodie with T-shirt under it. Then add Kangaroo Carry holster.

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I'm typically in gym shorts, if not working, year round.

I use a Remora holster, and UnderArmor (or similar) compression underwear.

Tuck the holster in between skin and underwear, and cinch the string tight on the shorts/sweats.

Or just carry in my hoodie pocket as mentioned. Same Remora holster.

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Smartcarry is perfect for this type of clothing.

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The Ice Cream Man
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A fanny pack is how most lifters used to carry wallets, keys, etc. it would be appropriate to use a CCW one
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Maybe new sweats?

These from Duluth:

A 340PD in a Remora holster is quite secure in the pocket.

Maybe the same with your firearms.

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I've worn a gun belt by itself when wearing sweats and a inside the belt holster. Works great for me wearing sweats or jogging pants. Try your regular carry belt without having belts loops
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Now in Florida
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Brave Response Holster

I much prefer it to a smart carry.
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Another vote for smartcarry. I find it very comfortable.

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