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Just picked up my 2nd Sig to be my CCW. Due to rotator cuff surgery history, I'm planning an "appendix" carry position, that is, just ahead of my right hip.

I would appreciate recommendations from those who have found an IWB holster they like and use for their P320.

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I carry appendix IWB using the pro carry HD model from the holster store filled with a carry slide mounted on the subcompact frame. I prefer the feel of leather over kydex for IWB. Works for me at 5'10" and 180 lbs.
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Welcome to the Forum!

I bought an IWB kydex holster from Ozark Holster Company for my subcompact P320. It's an excellent holster, and Ozark is a member here on SigForum.

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Take a look at 508 holsters. Erik is a great guy and makes a phenomenal holster. I got an appendix rig from him for my P320 compact and I can conceal it with the carry grip module installed with just a t-shirt.
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Check out Ozark Holster Company.
The owner, Dustin, is a member of Sig Forum.
I have one of his IWB Hybrid holsters for my P250c and I really like it.

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Ozark is great. For Appendix carry, Keeper's Concealment is top shelf.
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I'll give another shout for Dustin at OHC love mine.

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I recommend the Ozark holsters. I have one in gray for my 320 and tonight I ordered one in tactical black for my HK P30SK.
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Another vote for OHC. He makes some great stuff!

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I've been pleased with one from Cook's Holsters for my CZ P-07, a gun similar in size and shape to yours.

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I've been searching for a while and it came down to JM custom kydex or North central custom kydex. Nick and north central was very responsive to messages and I already had another holster in the works with him so I went that route. Here are links to both below. I recommend checking out the AIWB thread on pistol-forum, lots of good info there.

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