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Although it's "full size" is seems not too much larger than the P229 I carried.

What is your experience and what holster do you use?
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I carry my SP2022 on occasion in an Aliengear hybrid holster and for me it works OK but these days i carry my Walther PPS mostly. The AG holster is OK but kind of bulky and if I wanted to CCW my SP2022 more often I would probably get a hybrid from Black Arch which is smaller and backed with suede on the side that goes towards the body.

The height of the SP2022 can be an issue with the factory SP2022 magazines but with the flat base plates the SP2022 is the same height as the P229.

Roco systems sells the flat base plate for the SP2022 and they work well for me. However they are not always in stock with them but currently seem to be.

Picture of my SP2022 with flat base plate next to my P229 and height wise between my P226 and P229.

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Back before I traded it off, I occasionally carried my SP2022, using either a UBG Regulator OWB or a Comp-Tac CTAC IWB. (Unfortunately, Comp-Tac discontinued offering holsters for the SP2022 a few years ago, for some unknown reason.)

It concealed just as well as any other mid-sized handgun. It's roughly the same size as a P229 or G19, especially if you use the flat baseplates mentioned above. I had flat baseplates on about half of my SP2022 mags.

And if you don't want to drop the coin on new baseplates, you can also grind down the extended finger rest on a standard baseplate.
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A SIG Pro was my first CCW.

I carried it in a Comp-Tac CTAC, and never had any issues. Like RogueJSK said - carries the same a comparable size guns.

I traded mine off a few years ago, and sold the holster - and regretted both.

Ended up picking up a two-tone Pro a few months ago - just couldn't resist it. Big Grin
Might actually start carrying it again - miss my DA/SA guns. Wink

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I recently switched out my P250 45 Compact carry gun and now wear a SP2022 9mm.
Dustin Osborn made me a small footprint belt slide Kydex holster for it and it carries well.
Very similar to a P229. IMHO.
I use a Kytex mag holder.
And the previously mentioned ROCO flat base plates are nice.

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Originally posted by SIGWolf:
Although it's "full size" is seems not too much larger than the P229 I carried.

What is your experience and what holster do you use?

This is my CCW piece, carried in a Dan Wesson OWB pancake holster. With a snug belt it hides well.

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I started carrying one as of yesterday. Several months ago, I posted a thread asking what folks would like to see if the 2022 line were revamped. Yesterday started that process for me on following through with the project. A couple of things are going to happen, but how quickly they will happen is yet to be determined.

I never took the little gun seriously, much to my peril. I ran 500 rounds through mine yesterday, and I shoot it a little slower than I do a 226. On a multiple target array yesterday, I was banging out .22 splits and .30 transitions across a multiple plate set up.

I am embarrassed and excited at the same time. I never paid attention to this pistol. I should have.


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