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What is the longest you have worn a leather CCW belt on a daily basis before you had to retire it?
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Armed and Gregarious
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I don't know, because the Kramer double thick horsehide belt I bought about 15 years ago is still going strong. I'm sure someday it will no longer be serviceable, but that day is a long way off.

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My oldest good belt is from The Beltman. It's only about 10 years old with no end in sight. I do rotate wear nowadays with a Wilderness Tactial and another leather gunbelt in a different color, so between all of them, I doubt I'll need to buy anymore belts for another 10 years unless it's a nice dress belt which I don't have.

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I've got 25 years on my BIANCHI double stitch 1.75" belt. It's been my only daily use belt. Originally tan but I stained it black. Unfortunately, it's no where near as stiff as it was originally. Last year I bought a new BIANCHI (aka SAFARILAND) belt.

In one year the new belt wasn't any better than the old belt. They don't make them like they used to, so I went back to the old belt.


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My Ex bought a DeSantis belt for me many years ago. Never wore it out but got too fat to wear it. Then went to a Spec-Ops nylon belt. Same situation occurred.
Now wearing a Hanks belt. I may be able to wear it at my funeral.

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My 10 year old Beltman looks like there is a lot more life in it.
I put some Obenauf's on it every year or so.
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I've got 2 Beltman belts, 1.5" and 1.25", that I've been using for probably 6-7 years with minimal care and they're nowhere near retirement.

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I have had a Beltman for 12 years and it still looks and works good.
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Like others I buy only double thick (2 layer) belts. They are made for carry. Mine hold up very well except I found that the newer molded plastic holster will fray stitching. I went back to leather. I get about 3 years before I need to have leather smith redo stiffen belt. Chris
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Virtute et Armis
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15 years on my gun belt, made by Wild Bill
It is as good now as when purchased
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I have leather gun belts that are 12 years old, with only minimal wear on the edges from hard plastic holster loops, and the occasional scuff on the body.

Nylon gun belts tend to last for fewer years, since the edges (especially at the front of the tongue) will begin to fray, and the velcro starts to come unstitched. But even then, you're looking at 6ish years of frequent use before they start to wear out.
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I Am The Walrus
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2-3 years for me. I'm very hard on belts. They end up warping.


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