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I carry at home and sleep with a gun with a WML by the bed. Even though we live in one of the "nicer" neighborhoods in the area, we've had a daytime home invasion in the recent past. My truck was also broken into at 4:00 a.m.
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Go ahead punk, make my day
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What’s the saying?
“call me paranoid at my funeral, until then call me prepared”

A friend of the family, country boy & redneck told me this once "I love it when you are around, cuz I know you always have a gun or two on you, so if anything happens we'll have someone on our side ready to shoot". Big Grin

Back OT, I have a weapon on me at all times, excepting when I am sleeping for the night. Then there are 1-2 close by, in addition to several large animals that take great offense to anyone lurking in the house when people should be sleeping.
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I only carry when I expect to need a firearm. Sadly I am always expecting to need it. Smile

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Wake up, Dress put gun and three magazines on my belt. The last thing I do is take them off take a quick shower. (after the police academy never did get out or the habit of the 2-minute shower) Sig P229 in 9mm expect those very few times that I can't then it is a P365 with 12+1 and 2 spare 15 rounders.

Why will let's see? I was held up 2 blocks from the police station and twice had my dog or motion detector cameras let me know that someone was trying my doors in very nice rural neighborhoods.

My mom had someone try and break into the 2nd-floor sliding glass door and the police barely got there before he attacked her, Years later she was shot in the back in a bank parking lot for 148 dollars in cash register change. My brother was carjacked in a nice older section of town and his son was standing next to the first 2 kids shot and killed in the Santana High School shooting. Lucky he did not follow the rules and took off away from the school at a dead run. Bad things happen and we NEVER know when or where it will be.

Yes there is a gun on me or on my headboard when I go to bed. Me and my sons shoot USPSA for practice as much as we can, Sense one of them is still not old enough for his permit my wife or I have a spare on us. After about a year of me preping them my kids/wife just show me the escape routes when we walk in somewhere.

I Hope for the best and plan for the worse.
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We live in a very nice neighborhood in rural VA and have not seen any significant crime in our area.

Last week I received a notice from our County Sheriff that there had been a shooting a mile or two away from us and to shelter in place. I took my 226 from my nightstand an placed it on my end table. I kept it close by for the next day or so until reports came back that he had been spotted in SC...

Woke up this am to find out that most of Roanoke had been placed on lock down as he was spotted there...apparently the guy had never left. He was/is a Marine that went AWOL a few weeks ago so he is well versed in weapons and hiding.

The gun is out of the safe and by my side again...


Our Founding Fathers were men who understood that the right thing is not necessarily the written thing. -kkina
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semi-reformed sailor
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Gun goes on with the pants...there’s an AR15 in the corner of the MBR for bumps in the night

"Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, Starship Troopers

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If I am dressed, I have one on me. If I am lounging in my undies (ugly picture, I know) before bed, there's one near me. One by me when I am in bed and my wife has hers in the bedroom, too.

Simply makes sense to me to have one somewhere near me all the time. Certainly not wanting to use it, but the terrible things that have happened to folks who didn't have one convinces me to try to be ready.

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Yes of course I constantly have a pistol with me.
My wife is also adjusted to the fact it is always present and there has not been a conversation about it in over three decades.
I don’t take safety lightly so i don’t get lazy or complacent.

I’ve coined the phrase when people ask why I always carry.
“It’s not that I want to have it with me, it’s that I don’t want to leave it behind”
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