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If I have pants on, I generally have a gun in them.

When in shorts or skivvies, there is one (or more) close by. Additionally, I am a fan of the HD magnetic mounts and have a few strategically placed guns around the house for easy access should a need arise and I have need to grab one.

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I have been carrying for nearly fifteen years and it is more convenient for me to simply leave the pistol on my hip then secure it somewhere when I get home and have to retrieve it to go back out.

If I am dressed I have my pistol on my hip, period, full stop. I don't see the point in securing a sidearm in a lockbox or safe when there is the chance, however small, that I may need it in an emergency. It is also worth noting that I wear a sturdy 5.11 belt so I barely notice the extra weight of the P229.
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Depends...always have one available to hand quickly if at home, if am out around the property, yes.
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