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Typically not but have two chambered handguns close at all times. That said, on occasion, I will carry concealed when working in the yard.

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I don't assume anything, and I live in a very safe city. But I can guarantee that all those people that were victims of terrorist attacks thought they were safe. So I carry all the time because the one time I don't will be the one time something happens. I don't for a second believe that I know what other people are up to.
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Survived two home intrusions in the late 1980's in Pennsylvania. Now live in a county known for home invasions in Texas. Always prepared.
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First, there are no wrong answers in this thread. What, when and how one carries is a personal choice. Situational awareness is key. Having said that, sit down with a local prosecutor or LEO and have a conversation with them about the crimes that have occurred in your neighborhood/area. I guarantee you it will be an eye opener. Just because you have not seen a police car in your neighborhood with it's lights flashing does not mean there have been no crimes in your area. Be well all.

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It’s not just humans to be concerned about for some folks.

One of my friends in Western NY has a house in the middle of large acreage.

One nice spring day morning his wife was making breakfast and had the kitchen window raised and back inner door open to a screen door.
She heard a noise and looked up to see a large black bear staring at her thru the screen door. As soon as she moved away the bear charged through the screen door and into the kitchen area. (He evidently found the breakfast ham she was preparing enticing). She retreated into another room, and her husband reached for the buckshot-loaded shotgun they kept at hand. Could have gone a very different way had they not had a plan/available weapon.
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+1 on keeping something within reach.

When I'm mowing I always carry something loaded with snake shot for the copperhead type trespassors. They can slip away if I don't immediately lay them to rest. Smile
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The Old Surfer
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Not always on me but within reach.
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Either on me or close by.

Most of our out buildings have a firearms in them.
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I don't have one on my at home all the time, and I know that I should. I'm going to remedy that after reading this thread. Currently, I do have protection fireams stationed around the house in clandestine locations, ala Lance Thomas.

A P228 at the front French door, which is where I'd expect the worst to begin. I hate that damned glass door. Had a nightmare about a home invader getting the best of me at that door about 3 weeks ago.

A Sig P320 Compact in my son's room. He is almost 20, attending college, and has received considerable training.

A Remington 870 Express with Federal 00 buckshot at the basement back door. My wife and I sleep down there so that my 3 kids can have their own rooms upstairs. My son and his aforementioned P320C will handle upstairs defense until I can get there.

My primary HD weapons are a Gen 4 Glock 17 with Ameriglo night sights (orange front), Surefire X300 Ultra, and 33 round factory magazine with Federal HST 124-grain +P 9mm. Hidden beside a bookshelf is a Colt 6920 SOCOM with 40-round Magpul magazine and loaded with Hornady Urban TAP. We live in an almost unbelievably crime free town and are truly blessed, but LE is at least 20 minutes away running hot. We are all on our own for a while.
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No kids in the house, no friends in the house except 1 who is a police officer. My Sig P938 is on me especially at home. I am home by myself a lot. When I sleep, it goes under a small pillow on my nightstand right by my head. When I shower, it is in my ankle holster, strapped to the towel bar, angled at the door. I put a hand towel over it to hide it, just in case someone tries to sneak in close to me while I'm showering.

My neighbor is very odd, I don't think he'd ever actually try anything with me, but I am taking no extra risks. Anyone can snap at any time.
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I carry at all times even though we live in a statistically low-crime safe neighborhood.

I don't care about the odds. It only takes one.
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Originally posted by Some Shot:I don't care about the odds. It only takes one.

Of course you care about odds. If you didn't, you'd install 5-point harnesses in your cars and wear a Nomex suit with a helmet every time you drive. After all, it only takes once. As gun people, we tend to overestimate the frequency of those situations where having a gun would make a difference.
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Much easier to just carry all the time than make up reasons why you shouldn't.

Because those that don't carry at home are those that will forget to carry outside the home.
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Always on me and/or beside me. Usually two pistols and two plus blades depending. I became quite accustomed to living in such way while in the 101st and in L.E.. It's just continued. The wife and daughter are being trained some as well.
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This question is like strategic planning during the age of nuclear deterrence: nuclear war was very to somewhat unlikely to happen, but if it did, it would have been an absolute disaster. The likelihood of a home invasion varies according to many factors, but they can happen almost anywhere. If it does happen, it could be a disaster for the homeowner and his family. So, there is no reason to be unprepared.

We live in a pretty safe neighborhood ... that had three robberies several years ago, including one in which they beat up the homeowners. So, yes, I carry at home, usually either my P320 Carry or P239, both in 357 Sig. Reinforcements are an AR-15, M1 Garand--not first choice, and several other Sigs securely placed about the house (no children at home)--20 gauge soon to join the team. We also have a security system (and I plan on adding a medium sized dog to the family.). I figure that I did not survive a year in an Airmobile Infantry battalion in Vietnam to be taken out or my family harmed by by some thugs or drug-crazed intruder(s)' Lord willing. My two-bits worth--inflation, you know!
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I always carry when I leave the house, except to the office (forbidden, subject to immediate termination), and I don't take it off when I get home. Even just hanging around home not going anywhere, I find myself holstering up more and more often. I too live in a "good neighborhood" but you just never freaking know when some shit is going to happen, and you likely won't have time to go and open the safe when it does.
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I forget it's on me when I'm out and about and I forget it's on me when I'm at home.

The whole reason I started carrying was I had a good customer and his wife that were brutally stabbed to death in their own home. She died on the phone with 911. He was a very large man and a gun enthusiast but that didn't do him any good. Very sad case and very eye opening.

I am not BIPOLAR. I don't even like bears.

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Usually just a pistol on the kitchen counter plus 2x Rottweilers.

I figure 180# worth the dog will give me enough time to make the 10 steps to the kitchen from the living room.

Then pistol follow me upstairs at the end of the night along with dogs.

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I always carry when dressed in regular clothes. The gun is not far in other situations.
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Yes, arm's reach or in a holster, depending on how I'm dressed. Also have Glock 17s in each non bedroom and ARs in the bedrooms. Anything coming in the door is getting lit the fuck up. Anything lingering where it shouldn't be outside is having a bad day at best.
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