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No kids, just dogs, so have firearms in pretty much every room. For those who say they live in low crime areas, so do I. That still didn't keep someone from trying to get in through my back garage door at 2:15am one night. And I've even got visible security cameras on my house and live less than 2 miles from a police substation.
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At the very least, 642 pocket carry. If I've been out and about, same as outdoors including spare mags.

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Sitting here with mine on IWB right now. If I'm not working (not a problem since I'm unemployed at the moment) I put it on when I get dressed.
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Always. I read a statistic that 100% of the home invasions happen... in the home. Big Grin

I live in a fairly nice neighborhood, but I'm sure it's not crime free.

When I sit down to watch TV, I place the pistol on the side table next to me. No kids in the home, so no worry about it getting in the wrong hands. Early on I decided I would keep my holster on and carry in the house rather than hide guns in different areas. Just my personal preference.
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Until our child, now 5 came along, there was always a handgun at arms length. Now it's either on me, in the safe or on top of the safe. Zack our German Shepherd roams freely and the house has a monitored alarm with more sensors and cameras than ft Knox.

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No I do not. As others here two dogs, shotgun in the corner and wife and I always have a hand gun within reach. No kids live here, and all that goes up out of reach or locked up as needed when grandsons come over.

For those of you living in "nice" neighborhoods, I congratulate you. but as previously pointed out, scumbags drive. A few years back we had a major long term power outage here. Out of state vehicles were cruising our dead end road; and approached an elderly lady that lives down towards the end in a house she was born and raised in. She still has a family heirloom...10 gauge shotgun. They decided to leave her alone and she alerted neighbors up toward our end. During their exit from our street out of about 20 homes they got to view at least half of them with someone standing outside with a variety of long guns and unhappy glares.

My point is yes it can happen to you, and a good neighborhood plan with communication protocol is an excellent idea.

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Originally posted by Fenris:
I don't carry in the shower. But maybe I should get a Glock. They are plastic so they won't rust.

Yea, and you can get them through metal detectors at airports! Wink

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When just hanging around in my sweats watching tv or chilling I keep my 938 in a pocket along with my cell phone.


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I always will have either my 228 or Seecamp (used carry HS derringer) on me at all times. Our house quite bit off the road and most of the local junkies prefer to rob each other and stores, you can never tell when they will come down the driveway. We have both the Sheriff's department and State Police that cover our area but response time is forever. They can write the after action report for me... Chris
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While sitting at my computer one day, broad daylight, I heard shots, looked out the window and two guys were shooting at a police car just up the road. I had some guns but did not carry , until shortly after that day. Always have my Shield close at hand if undressed or in holster when dressed.


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If I'm dressed there's a roscoe in my pocket.

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Don't carry at home but generally always have a pistol next to me out of the holster.
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If I have clothes on, I'm armed. Same for the wife. Too many stories, local police reports of home invasions to not do so.

LE is at least 15-20 minutes running priority away. Regardless if they were next door, it's not their job to protect me.

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I carry at home probably 75% of the time. When I first get up, making coffee, showering, in sweat pants I don't (but then I just carry it around in my hand & set it down next to me everywhere I go). Once the pants go on, so does the pistol. Plus there's a 105# Shepherd & an 85# pretty red pittie on patrol.

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I'm armed around the house whether I'm carrying or not. More often than not, I stay holstered until I'm ready for bed. If not, the house Glock with the light is with me. Anymore, I'm thinking a shoulder holster rig is going to need to happen since basketball shorts and house pants don't like to hold up a pistol too well.

As for why, Mom was a cop and dad was Border Patrol and I grew up knowing that bad things happen to good people. Then there was the shooting across the street about four years ago that I woke up from a nap to in the middle of a weekend day. An estranged husband, who had just murdered his ex
Mother-in-law kicked in the door to finish off the wife and her new boyfriend. Luckily, they got out safe, but rounds penetrated from the inside of that house towards ours. I sent my wife downstairs to the center of the house and ran to the porch to see what I could see, which was seconds after the shooter left. He domed himself a few towns over, so there was no continuing worry, but it changed my thinking on having an unchambered P220 in the headboard being "good enough."
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I've had a bad guy in the house before (2009).
Never again.
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I think it depends on the particulars. I certainly don't carry at home(quiet).

Our German Shepherd has free roam of the 1st floor, no one's going to sneak in. We also live in one of those historically low crime areas, yes I know, just saying.
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When shit goes sideways, it goes sideways quick.

Why make it harder on yourself?
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Always a pistol or shotgun within reach, but not on me. Almost every room in the house has a pistol and/or shotgun loaded and ready.

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Originally posted by arfmel:
If I'm dressed there's a roscoe in my pocket.

this.....I have a 4yo so it's the safest method
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