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Back in the mid 90s, my wife was hired by a jewelry store in Wa state to instruct a firearms safety class for their employees.

If I remember correctly, they had 6 or so employees show up to take the class.

I remember going to the store and one of the guys wore a Galco Shoulder rig with a 1911 in it. I know my wife told me that one of the employees carried his pistol in an ankle holster and she had to spend some time with him going over different draws from it.

Needless to say - I purchased several items from that shop over the years. Smile

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Jared Jewelers, has posted same signage. Has armed security inside store.

Jared, Kay's are owned by same company (Sterling) in Ohio.

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I saw that same exact sign at a Kay jewellers in SW Florida last week. Completely unenforceable. I will never spend another dime with them. The idiots in charge that allow this need to learn not to alienate a large portion of the population.

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Kay Jewelers in Green OaK Township (Brighton) Michigan has a similar posting on it's door. I notified MCRGO of that several years ago and they added it to the Do Not Shop While Armed list. Must be a corporate policy?

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and this little pig said:
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Have not seen that sign at the Kay Jewelers I shop at in NH. In fact, my wife was having some of her jewelry inspected recently. I was speaking to the manager of the day and told her I was laying off of jewelry a bit to buy her some pistols. Come to find out, the manager is into guns herself! Nice conversation ensued. Sorry you folks have to put up with Dicks attitudes there!
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Our Mall has a no gun sign on the doors...but not all the doors.
None of the stores have that on them, just the mall doors.

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Same shit here > never going there > EVER.
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