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Originally posted by Expert308:
Originally posted by kgray01:
Originally posted by Expert308:
I've tried a lot of different IWB holsters, for different guns and wardrobes, and I keep coming back to the VM2. Kydex is lighter and generally as concealable, but uncomfortable for me. Tends to pinch my love handles. Hybrid holsters (soft leather on the body side with a kydex shell, e.g. Garrett Silent Thunder Fusion) are a good compromise and tend to be more comfortable, but they'll collapse immediately on drawing the gun, so it takes two hands to re-holster it.

My Silent Thunder and Silent Thunder GT have the leather lined interior with kydex shell but have no issues collapsing. Can't speak to the Fusion model.

I don't know about the base Silent Thunder, but I also have a GT and no it doesn't collapse because it's all kydex (i.e., it doesn't have the leather backing, the rigid kydex structure goes all the way around). The lining is nice because it makes it quieter and (IMO) less hard on the gun's finish. The other hybrid that I tried was the Comp-Tac MTAC, and it had the same problem, collapsed due to belt pressure as soon as the gun came out of the holster.

Gotcha. I don't have any of the hybrid types like you're talking about.

Another brand I enjoy is Remora, they even make one now with a reinforced top for one-handed reholstering. They're good for when you have to take your weapon on and off during the day.


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