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I have been looking at alternative IWB options for comfort and was looking at the "clipless" IWB options offered by these 2 companies. Since I already have Uncle Mike's pocket holsters I thought I would give them a try as IWB. So far they work great. I have carried my M&P 9 Shield around the house, driving, going out to lunch etc. and the holster does not move. I will be trying a few different larger guns in the coming weeks namely my P239 P245 Colt Officers ACP. With a tee shirt and a sweatshirt there is no print total comfort to the point you really don't feel the gun that much. Have I finally found a comfortable IWB method? Remains to be seen.
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In the deep Summer, I only wear my Remora micro clip with my Kahr K9 in it.
It does have a clip that goes on your belt but it is comfortable.
I have used Remora holsters without the clip and they work too. Mainly for short outings to the store, gas station, etc. Longer outings and it's a Milt Sparks or similar.

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I would also recommend REMORA. They might have a sale going on at anytime which makes them even better.


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I use a Remora almost everyday. I love them. FWIW I carry a Springfield XDs 9mm. I love them.

I do also have my one for my 228, but only carry that around the house in the Remora.

For a small lightweight sub-compact or revolver, IMHO they are perfect. I wouldn't carry a larger pistol in one, but with a good belt, I'm sure it would be fine. I'm typically wearing gym shorts and workout shirts, outside of work. I can't carry at work.

I won't go into specifics Big Grin , but I always wear UnderArmour type compression underwear as an added retention layer. Slide the holster directly between that in my skin.

What is nice is how easy it is to take off and put on the Remora. I haven't tried other sticky holsters, but Remora is almost always running a sale. Even if you try it and don't like it, you aren't breaking the bank. They are relatively cheap.

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I have a Sticky that I bought a few years ago for my LC9 which I no longer have. My P238 with Viridian Laser fits perfectly and makes for a very comfortable carry. I tried my Shield 9 mm and while it works it is a bit small. Pricewise I do not think there is much difference but I am curious about the hair dryer fitting bit.


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Clearly, I think Remora makes a great compression holster.


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I think both the Uncle Mikes (what I currently use) and Remora holsters are great for clip-less IWB carry. Super comfortable with a properly tensioned belt, and you can position the holster anywhere you like!
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I use one for an lc9. I like it.

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I got a clipless Remora for my P228 but have only gone out and about a couple of times. It does stay put.

My normal carry is a much smaller and lighter Kel-Tec P-11, so I've got to get used to the added weight and grip poking out the back. Roomy hawaiian shirts as soon as the weather cooperates will help a lot.
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same for my P40 ... fleecey outwear covers nicely.

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I use the remora holsters for IWB use with a G43 through a G29. I've used them for pocket carry as well, but usually use a DeSantis for that.

I don't think much of their ankle holster.

I thought the material in the Remora might break down in hot weather and in general use, but so far they've held up quite well, and they do stay put surprisingly well, even with a fair amount of activity.

The reinforced holster is a must if one intends to re-holster.

I do like their tuckable; it tucks nicely under a tee shirt with no clips on the belt to show, and I've had people look very closely and not see a concealed pistol.
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i have several Remora holsters mostly used for smaller pocket carry firearms, have not IWB with them other than to small of the back from house to car. With that said, quality is good but i dont like the fit on the holster i bought for S&W 442.
the fit for semiauto is great but to much play with revolvers.
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I don't really like the Remora, for some reason I can't get it to print less than my Comp-Tac CTAC (for a Kahr K9). For the low price, they are definitely worth buying to see if they work for you. You can also try out different carry position like AIWB etc. since you can position it anywhere, any way you want.

Once in awhile I'll use it for a quick errand, just toss it on.

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Remora, is a great product, and fantastic customer service
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I've never tried remora, but I like my sticky holsters.
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I often carry a 229 with a remora and it works well for me.
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