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Since getting my glock 42 parts upgraded at a gssf match and getting the e mail glock is sending me the upgraded magazines, I am hoping to vet the pistol as reliable enough for carry. Should that occur, I will be looking to get a pocket holster for it.

What are everyone’s preferred pocket holsters?
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While I've used a leather pocket holster for a S&W 642 from JW O'Rourke for several years now, I used a DeSantis Nemesis synthetic for a Glock 26 for a comparatively short while.

While the holster worked well, I admit I'd probably opt for a leather pocket holster again if I were to pocket-carry a 26 or a 42.

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Kydex pocket holster from

I have about 6 of them for various guns and think they are the best designed pocket holster on the market.

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I regularly pocket carry a Glock 26 and have 2 pocket holsters for it.

The Galco Pocket Horsehide works great if drawing clean from the pocket. It has a tall rib in the front that engages the pocket, leaving the holster inside on the draw stroke.

The Alabama Pocket holster works even better for keeping the gun from sliding up and down in the holster but it has a ledge on the side that requires your thumb to push the gun out of the holster on the draw.

Hope this helps...
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