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Thinking about a new suit. With the fashion today of being a more slender, fitted cut what do you do different when you dress up? I was in a Brooks Brothers store and asked the guy if their suits were altered by a tailor. He said yes. I said I have a rather delicate fitting issue I'd like to ask about. I told him I carry and could they deal with this issue. Without batting an eye he said oh yes we have done done that many times.

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When I wear a suit I have two choices. Either a) carry an extremely slim and light pistol on a reinforced belt, or b) wear a shoulder holster. I opted for a single stack in a shoulder holster but either way you will be unable to remove the jacket.

A good tailor can cut the jacket to accommodate the pistol. If you carry at the waist they will likely add a stiff piece of fabric to the area you intend to carry the firearm in order to reduce the outline. And if you carry in a shoulder holster they can also let out the fabric to make room for the pistol so that the jacket will sit more naturally.

Jos A. banks tailors can make these alterations to their suits without any real trouble.
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I keep a Ruger LCP in a pocket holster handy for times like these.
I probably only have to wear a suit maybe 1-2 times a year.
If I were to have to wear a suit frequently, I would simply get a dressy ccw belt since my holsters are already tuckable.
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I go with an Alessi Bodyguard horizontal shoulder rig.

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I wear a suit everyday. I wear a single stack 9mm inside the waistband also everyday. A traditional cut suit coat easily hides the butt of my P225A or P938. It does require you leave your jacket on. My coworkers got used to me not removing my jacket when in the office and I run my office A/C fairly cold.
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For the better part of 17 years:

Suit & Tie, P220, OWB Safariland holster or IWB Mitch Rosen holster, Mitch Rosen 1-1/2" belt, Mitch Rosen Double Magazine Carrier, Mitch Rosen Flashlight carrier, all concealed under a suit.
Take the items into tailor and wear your items when being fitted for the suit. Usually a jacket size larger. Get the inside of suit reinforced with heavier liner sewn in on both sides. It will make draws easier and avoid destroying a liner quickly. Brooks and Men's Wearhouse and good At these or a private seamstress.

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Ive had success with "classic fit" suits, particularly from Haggar. They are cut wide enough they don't require any additional tailoring. I am 5'9 and about 200 for a frame of reference. No issues carrying a full size Glock with extra mags.
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I would suggest making sure your belt loops are in the correct place for your holster. Some suits I wear the belt loops are in the wrong place. Also make sure the belt loops are big enough for your belt.

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Thin pistol in a IWB really helps.

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Last suit I got, the lady recommended a slim cut so I asked about my gun and spare mags and she said no problem. The tailor told me to put my gear on (Glock 32 and spare mag, both OWB) then did the measurements.

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+1 for tailoring with your carry rig.

See if they can add a thin leather shield over the carry area of the jacket (and inside the trousers for IWB) rather than fabric as it will wear better.

Consider also having a bit of weight, such as a washer, added to the bottom front corners of the jacket, inside the lining; if there is wind, it helps minimize flapping open, and when you sweep the jacket aside to draw, the weight helps keep it moving out of your way.

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no, I do not do anything different.
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not uncommon at all, even in california !

The tailors at nordstrom did a great job

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Well, sounds like we've got the tailoring covered.

OP: Do you DO anything different when carrying wearing a suit?

Yes, leave the jacket unbuttoned for quick access (unless outside in the wind).
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Most carry pistols are about the same general size for me-approximated by a Glock 19. Any time I had a suit or coat fitted, it's never been a problem. The last time I had something fitted, it was a couple of Harris Tweeds I purchased while in Edinburgh. I got them slightly over sized, to have tailored locally. I took them to a Chinese place in Nashville that did laundry and tailoring. The lady that fitted the coats had heavily accented English. It wasn't the first time she had fitted a customer who was carrying. She told me she liked living in a country where good people could be armed.

What do I do different? I used to have to change in a locker room with people who would get upset at the sight of a Sig under my coat (and no, they weren't Glock affectionados). I took care of it two ways. I either went to the loo and put everything in my coat pockets, or pocket my magazine and carrier and turned and maintained the holstered pistol facing and partially in the opened locker, out of sight. I sometimes carried on conversations while doing so. No one ever gave any indication they noticed. When you lower your trousers, you have to hold them by the holster to prevent the weight from dropping them abnormally, however. With a bit of practice, everything can be done smoothly.

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