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Do the P224 holsters work. Any recommendations for the P229 carry.

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Can't help you with the P224, but I use a Crossbreed Supertuck for my P229R. Very comfortable holster. Plus, it also fits my Springfield XD9SC.

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All I can say is Tucker HF-2.

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I carry my P229 in an Ozarks holster. It is an outstanding holster. Dustin make a great affordable product. I highly recommend one.

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Blade Tech IWB (kydex) holster with a Dan Blocker 1 1/2" belt.

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High Noon Holsters for leather
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A P229 in .40 S&W is my EDC. After going through several different holsters and not being completely satisfied with any of them, I tried a Milt Sparks VM2. That was in 2006, ten years ago now. It completely satisfied me; I haven't bought another CCW holster since.

Give Milt Sparks VM2 a try -- you'll like it. You'll find it here LINK

Side Note: I also use a Milt Sparks pocket magazine carrier, they call it a PCH-M, as part of my EDC. I've also been completely satisfied with it and I recommend it to you.


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I have a Stealth Gear Onyx holster for my P224. My P229c fits perfectly in it.
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VMII and you'll never try another holster.

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Ryan Grizzle Town and Country
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Ordered mine from Nightingale Leather. Great, well fitted holster and a great price with elephant trim.

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Originally posted by armedprof:
I carry my P229 in an Ozarks holster. It is an outstanding holster. Dustin make a great affordable product. I highly recommend one.

Me too, and yes he does!
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What I used for years to carry a M11, 228, and 229, was a FIST #20 Hybrid (leather over kydex) with a tension screw added.

Comfort of leather, speed and retention of kydex, and it conceals very well. The design in very similar to the Milt Sparks Versa-Max II.

Pricey, but it is money well spent.

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The Milt Sparks Nexus is what I use. It's more modern than the Versa Max II and comes with the super-metal magnet buttons that snap into place on your belt without any effort at all. The angle of the draw is such on the Nexus that it's less likely to print than the Versa Max II but the tradeoff is that it's also a slightly slower draw. The angle of the draw on the VM II is more perpendicular to your waist while the Nexus is tilted more toward the horizontal. I have both and both are extremely comfortable. The big negative is that Milt Sparks has roughly a 6 month backlog. If you need a nice holster sooner than that I also have the Comp-Tac MTAC for my P229 and it's a faster draw than both of the leather Milt Sparks holsters listed above but not quite as comfortable. There's no perfect holster and they all come with trade-offs balancing price, comfort, speed of draw and safety when re-holstering. That's what's great about the Sig Forum, our members post lots and lots of useful information.
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Older thread but I carry OWB in the Galco Concealable -- with a good gun belt it's extremely comfortable and concealable even in a polo shirt and tennis shorts (my normal attire).

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CompTac Minotaur for the 229 SAS Gen2. Carries great for me.

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Originally posted by Appliance Brad:
VMII and you'll never try another holster.

Just bought 2 yesterday and wore the one. Never had a holster that felt like this.
Agree 100%.

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Originally posted by Jakpro:
Ryan Grizzle Town and Country

I've been using an R. Grizzle Country Boy for years now. Perfect for the P229.


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Milt Sparks Versa Max 2. They're currently quoting 12 to 18 weeks turnaround time. If it's for a P229R Top Gun Supply has it in stock. VM2 for P229R

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IWB: Milt Sparks VM2, w/o question.

OWB: Many choices, but, I have a Milt Sparks I-BAK and it's terrific. Rides high & tight enough that it conceals nearly as well as my VMII.

For lighter, skinnier pistols you can get away with a lot less, but, not with something like my P239 SAS or your P229, IMO.

Yeah: The wait can be long and they're spendy. But, boy, are they ever nice Smile

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