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I have been using either a Vedder Light tuck or a G-Code Incog for my P365. Both have their pros and cons obviously, but I have also been looking at the Phenom offering from G-Code. Has anyone used one and what is the consensus on this holster?
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I have a Phenom Stealth for my Glock19.

I carry AIWB, and my regular carry holster is the Incog with standard mojo, and still is.

Here's my take - The full sweat guard has this protrusion that jabs me in the gut. I suppose I can grind it off, but I rather not mess with it as I chose to stick with the Incog.

Second- for me, although the clip is adjustable angle wise, it is not height wise, and it sits higher than I prefer.

The "claw" that tucks the grip inward is far too aggressive for me. I don't need a wing/claw, so I took it off, and solved that issue, but I still have to deal with the ride height and sweat guard protrusion.

Aside from the high price, the fit and finish is superb like all G-Code products.
I suggest maybe try the cheaper Phenom Speed to see if that's a setup you can live with before spending double on the Stealth. They are very similar as far as form.

Again, this is my experience while using it Appendix carry. Not sure how it will be like in different modes of carry.

here's the sweat guard protrusion I was talking about.
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Thanks for the info and picture. I had seen some videos of both the Stealth and the Speed and am more interested in the speed as much for the features as for the price. Honestly the ride height adjustability is a big thing for an IWB holster. The deeper it rides, the more comfortable it is to me.
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As a long time Incog user, I was pretty excited for this holster. Ultimately, I think it's just okay. I think the claw is too small and it tends to want to slip under my beltline and then not do its job. It's a well made item, but I think there are more functional options that probably cost less..
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No experience with the Phenom, but I love the Incog series. This thread (and my holster box) tells me to leave well enough alone and stick with the Incog.

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