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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
I have several of his holsters and he worked with me on one for a certain type I wanted. His work was excellent.
I dont think he has any real obligation to me or SF members (who supported him a lot) but letting us know what happened would nice. Might even be considered the right thing to do.

YEAH, he does.

He has an obligation to every person that he took money from, that people paid for a holster, to either give them a holster or refund their money. Sadly that doesn't sound like it's the case.
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Prince of Cats
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He's solid gold in my book.

We were both bending kydex at the same time and I had an issue with a poorly sized P239 mold that I had supplied gear to family here.

He saw "us" talking about it in a thread and reached out to try to help.

We spoke here and FB often at the time, and I haven't seen him post here or there in a long time.

I bet he makes it right though.

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Everyone still getting radio silence?

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and Range Safety officer

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Sadly yes. I reached out the other day to wish him a happy birthday and didn’t hear back.

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