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So I'll preface this by saying I don't actually have the holster yet. I just ordered it the other day, but I just have to post this because I've not experienced anything like it.

I ordered a Mika pocket holster to fit my new 442. Never tried pocket carry, and his holsters get rave reviews everywhere I looked.

I placed the order on Thursday at 16:33 EST. At 18:20 EST, I received a phone call from a blocked number. I typically don't answer these but picked up this time. Shocked to find that it was actually Robert Mika himself, calling to personally thank me for my order and talk a bit about how I found him, and if I had any questions for him. Pleasant individual to speak to, and that's the kind of customer service you don't see much any longer.

I'm certain the holster will be exceptional, but even if it were to turn out to be marginal, he's already earned a long-term customer just from that itself. I recommend going to Mr. Mika if you need a pocket holster for sure. It's a long wait, but if his holsters are anything like his customer service, it'll be worth it.

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I have one he made for me several years ago.
I didn't get a phone call but he wrote in it my name, his name, and what weapon it was made to fit.
First class all the way.

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I'm a fan too. I'm on the second one for my LCP, and I have one for my 442, and one for my LCR. They're really hard to beat for pocket carry.

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I carried a one of Bob's armor holsters for years and currently have another on order. No complaints from me or any of the colleagues I've recommended him to. Great product at about 1/2 what he Should charge.

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Mika...class act. I wish I needed more of his stuff.


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I have a few of his pocket holsters, and as mentioned above he wrote my name, model, and his name on the inside. I'm about to order one more as well, you can't beat them at that price point regardless.
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I have two, round and squared pocket. Best pocket holster i have owned. Going on 6 years now.
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Just stumbled on this thread and have to add my $.02 worth.I have two Mica Holsters square and round for my J-frames . I've had them for 10+ years, excellent product and as mentioned above written on the inside of both.

Another pocket holster that has served me well over the years is the Kramer horsehide pocket holster.
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My LCP BUG rides in one. They aren't much to look at, but they do what they're supposed to do. Too many pocket holster makers think the holster needs to retain the gun and fit it too tightly, and/or make it so you have to use special techniques to draw the gun without having the holster come up with it.

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IIRC, it's been more than 20 years since I've used Chief Mika's pocket holsters. When I first purchased them I think they were less than $20.00.

Round cut, IWB, CD. Anything from a Walther PP to a S&W 1006. Not particularly inclined of using them in the pocket, especially with a thing like the 1006. Sort of an oxymoron because it was designed by him as a pocket holster. But it worked better for my intended use than his "regular" IWB designs.

As a pocket holster it sure beats other designs. Namely, as to safety, ease of use, and rapid deployment.

Fwiw, I remember sending him templates of the handguns for which I ordered some because he didn't have them on file. Smile

Chief Mika is quite personable, a great guy to deal with.

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