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Has anyone purchased or seen the holsters that Sig has advertised for the 365 from black point? Impressions?

Also, does anyone have any holsters for this gun that they like or dislike.


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I have one. It's tiny and fits very well. Wish I could find one for a Glock 26 that fits that good

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I use a Black Point with my P320c, and will get one when I acquire a P365. Would recommend.


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I have their leather wing owb for my CZ P09 and their mini wing iwb holster for a G19. I would rate them as the best quality kydex holster out of my modest collection. They look and feel like they are more "finished" (?) of the ones I've personally handled.
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I have one. It is okay, though it seems over-thought to me. Just additional failure points. It's one thing for the popular leather and kydex "hybrid" holsters that have been in play for the last decade or so, with a leather backing and a kydex shell front. This one just tacks two pieces of leather to the outside of the holster with chicago screws, which to me makes it weaker with more potential for something to fail, stretch, or go wrong. I'd rather see the leather all the way across the back of the holster, rather than just tacked on with chicago screws in each side.
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Blackpoint Tactical in general are top tier holsters. I have a Standard OWB and a Mini-Wing IWB, (P226) and they are excellent!!
Not sure about the 365 model...
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Another fan here. I have a BP IWB for all of my carry guns.
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I have one for the P365 that came with the Cabela's deal a few months back. I tried the appendix carry with the wing and it just was not working for me.

I removed the wing - for now - and I'm just using it at 4 o'clock. I like it.

Be careful with the metal clip. Yesterday, I bent down and the clip got caught on the side of the counter and it got ripped off. The screw backers got pulled right through and warped the slots where you can adjust the ride height. I was able to file down the warped Kydex to "save" it for now.

This is the holster. Note that you can adjust the ride position of both the clip and the wing.


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