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Got a new P938 a week or so ago, looking for IWB holster suggestions before I end up buying several until I find one I like. I pocket carry my Bodyguard and have a small IWB for my PPS...I’d prefer not to pocket carry the Sig. most likely kidney carry out back with a T and shorts or jeans. Live in FL and I’m not a big guy so concealment is always an issue. I searched threads on here and couldn’t find anything less than a year old, the holster market is evolving right now. Thabks!
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Welcome to the forum.

I got my Kydex P938 holster from Holsters For Life. Love it.

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Ryan Grizzle made this IWB for me. Its quite comfy.

Ryans Website

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Checkout a Kusiak Signature IWB:

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I would look at Ozarks Holsters, he makes a really nice hybrid type IWB and is a member here.

Ozark Holster Co

I had one for a G19, like this one that was very nice. I've since switched to 100% pocket carry of smaller guns but still would go back to one of these if I ever started doing IWB again:

For the P938 you most likely only need the one-clip type like these:

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I have a couple of P938 holsters I'd sell. Email me if interested.
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