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Any Changes TO Your EDC Due To Recent Riots and Threats? Login/Join 
Just seeing if anyone else has changed their EDC due to the riots and violence from commies, street thugs, and Antifa. Before, I usually carried either a G43x or compact revolver (Kimber 6s or J-Frame) and a knife (or two Wink ) depending on where I was going. With them going more and more into the suburbs and other non-inner city areas to cause trouble and commit crimes, I decided to up my EDC. Now, I am always carrying the Glock 19 with TLR8, at least one extra magazine in AWIB holster mag holder and a revolver in ankle holster with a couple speed strips in pocket. Sometimes,I switch out the revolver for a G26, but damn that G26 is heavy and bulky. Also have a knife or two on me (my Filipino Martial Arts system, IKALI the Art of The Blade recommends three blades on your person: one strong side, one weak side, and a neck knife.....still looking for a good neck knife).

Has anyone else upped their EDC carry?
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This time last year my EDC would have been a p365.
However... my job has transitioned to full working from home ever since march.
Since then I've just been walking around the house open carrying a P320.

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In town, not really any change, primarily my P365.

Going into or through Portland, P365 and my Glock 45.

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I may start. Thats how bad my take on current times is. Probably a G45 or some other smallish 9x19 or Beretta 85fs. Kydex iwb type holster. No appendix carry for me.
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In the beginning of March of this year I switched my EDC from a Glock 19 to a Shadow Systems MR918. Its been my EDC since then. Carried with 1 spare mag.

My wife is still carrying the same Gen 3 Glock 26, also with one spare mag.

I did load up another spare mag for each of us, they are in our EDC bags.

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Not much has changed. On work days, I carry my issued RMR G17 appendix.

On weekends, I either carry a G19 or M&P 3.6. I always have an on the body reload for whatever I carry, and lots of spares in the vehicle.

My work gun is comfortable to carry 12-14 hours at a time. Good holster makes all the difference.

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I gave it some serious thought about a month ago. My EDC at that time was my .45 P250 Compact and I mulled over switching to a .40 P250 Compact for its increased capacity. But I stuck with the .45 since I shoot it well and it is 100% reliable. The .45 Compact is 9+1 and is a very carry friendly package with more capacity than the 1911. 10 rounds in the gun and a reload on the belt should be sufficient.
If I go below the bridge I may opt for a higher capacity gun.

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Same 1911 platform, 9mm in the summer and .45acp in the winter. But I started carrying extra magazines in the trunk with another box of 147gr.
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I carry a 938 in the pocket, with a 229 in my shoulder bag with two reloads. The only thing that has changed is that when I go into a local major city, I now have an AR in the back seat of the truck with 90 rounds. (Provided, of course, that I am not leaving the vehicle unattended.)

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Was carrying a 365 AIWB but I have recently gone back to a Glock 26 just because it fits my hand and shoots better for me. Have actually picked up a second 26 just because I found an agreeable deal.
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No not really, always aware of my surroundings maybe a little more vigilant.
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Switched from a Glock 19 Gen 3 to a Gen 5 19 with RMR. My two extra mags went from 15 rounders to 17.

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My usual yearly routin had been a P225A1 in the summer and a P229R in the winter when I could conceal it under a field jacket. This had been true until March when this pandemic nonsense started. While I have said in the past that I was never all that concerned about the virus I was weary of it’s affect on the population. Back in March I stopped at a neighborhood Wal-Mart to pick up a few items for dinner and everything felt about the place. Everyone was tense, eyeballing each other like the we’re looking out for predators (they had been watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead if you ask me). I went home and swapped out the P229R for my 92X Centurion and it has remained in my hip ever since. Personally, the Centurion just feels better in the hand even if it is like carrying a P226.

When the rioting (insurrection) began I picked up a Scorpion for the wife but it pulls double duty in the truck or beside the bed.

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Updating my older night sites to new and front contrast for my older eyes and positioning my ammo in places I can get to more quickly.
Not much of a riot threat where I live but if economic conditions decline there may be more folks out foraging for easy goodies that don’t belong to them.
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Gone from a P365 with a ten round magazine and a fifteen round magazine as a backup to a Wilson Combat EDC X9 with 15+1 and an eighteen round magazine(s) as backup. There are times when total magazine capacity matters.

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No changes here. I should, however, start carrying the spare magazine and backup gun again. I sort of fell out of that habit. The risk of riots is very low here. But not zero.
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Yeah, that M14 video guy...
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Yes. Switched from my P365 to my P228 with 15 round mags and 18 round backup mags with grip spacers.


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Generally, no change. However, I have added an AR pistol and 5 loaded mags (90 rounds) locked, but quickly accessible in my truck for any trip that could take me across a major city including Richmond.
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Not many problems here in SC but my H&K 17+1 now has the company of an extra mag if I am going out when thing are not so comfortable.

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Went from kahr pm9 to 365 in my Pocket when I shorts and Added a 43x or g19 IWB When wearing Pants. Extra mags in truck. Also have an AR pistol and 6 mags in the vehicle.


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