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Thread on EDC changes due to riots. Lets see the EDC bags y’all were mentioning. Login/Join 
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People were talking about PDWs or extra mags or bigger pistols they were carrying in their packs/bags.

Let’s see the packs/bags and what you are carrying with you daily.

Im carrying a tennis bag with AR pistol and 6 mags.


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For awhile now, I've been carrying a P220/10mm without an extra magazine.

I've just never found a way to carry extra magazines in a way that's comfortable.

It looks like I may need to forgo comfort.

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My EDC bag goes in the car with me. It is now a 5.11 RUSH MIKE messenger bag, replaced the old canvas Jack Bauer bag that I had been using for the last 6-7 years. Smaller size works for me.

No extra firearms in it, just a simple IFAK, extra mag for my MR918, flashlight, multi-tool, extra knife, pens & notepad, gloves, Trac phone with power cords, couple of gun magazines (reading kind) and a CRKT Spork - cuz one never knows when he going to come across an extra meal Wink

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Orive 8, suggested additions to bag: compass (even if it is just one of those pin on types) and goggles (swim style or bigger to keep dust/ash/crap out of eyes. I picked up a bunch of cheap mil surplus goggles). Compass is just in case. I have been through a tornado that did not leave any of the known landmarks standing. It was really easy to get disoriented. Lol, I keep a couple N95 masks in bag too, and this was well before the Kung Flu.
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Damn good idea on the googles. Never thought about that.....

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5.11 Rush 24

Adding to the above:
550 cord and some webbing, caribeaner.
Anker battery pack with apple and mini usb cords, wall adapter and 12v adapter, small headphones and Apple dongle.
Extra AAA, AA, and 18650 batteries.
Basic OTC meds.
Cheap ham radio.
Wool socks.
Flint/steel, lighter.
Pretty serious medical kit (well above an IFAK).
Multi tool/ adjustable wrench.
Seasonal-gloves, head cover, hand warmers.
Water purification filter thingy.
A bunch of other stuff.

And the damn think isn’t even full!

I keep 100 rounds of ammo in my vehicle. I carry at least one spare mag on me, and I don’t have a “truck gun”. Mainly because I don’t want one to get stolen. If I’m going on a road trip I’ll add some stuff, including another gun and more mags.

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I recently have been carrying the Kelty Sling Pack:

I like it for several reasons: It doesn't look "tactical", it holds a medium sized pistol and several mags in a ready position, similar to a chest rig. It goes on quickly. It can we worn comfortably while driving. It allows a master grip while still fully concealed.

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