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I have a P226 RX which has the Romeo optical sight attached. I couldn't find a holster that would house the optical sight or the higher regular sights designed to allow usage of the standard sights while looking through the optical screen. I've always like the Askins Avenger style holster as it holds the gun close to the body and allows a quick draw from the open top. I saw Frontier Gunleather made the holster, but wasn't sure they could customize it to accommodate the 226RX sighting system. I called and spoke to Matt and he took on the task immediately. My Avenger arrived and it's perfect! Matt does a great job quickly and obviously with love and pride in his work. I highly recommend him for either standard or custom work. You can call him at 760-895-4401. Frontier still makes the good stuff!

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thanks for the info, about how long was the turn around?
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Congrats on the holster! I'm a fan of Avenger-style holsters myself.

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Good to hear!

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