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Why do you remove your handgun from its' holster when placing them in a drawer for the day?

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I don't store handguns in drawers. If a handgun is going into storage, the holster goes into a drawer and the gun goes into a safe.

But if you're talking about a handgun you intend to potentially use as a home defense or nightstand gun, then having it in a holster inside the drawer gains you no benefit, while adding the unnecessary step of ripping the holster off of it before getting it into action.
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Long term storage of a handgun in a leather holster can get you a rusted handgun. Leather retains moisture from perspiration or even humidity in the air.

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When taking off a concealed handgun for the day, the whole holster / gun comes off and is locked up as such. Then when the combo is retrieved, the weapon is removed, the holster is put on, then the weapon is checked to be still loaded, then holstered.

I only use kydex holsters, so the leather - rust phenomenon is a non-issue
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I just leave them in a holster. I do have a Raven Vanguard that I attached a lanyard to that I put on sometimes at home since it's easier to remove in a hurry than the kydex holster.
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My holster stays on my belt and pistol goes on my nightstand.

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Long term storage in leather is a bad idea. I've never had an issue with a handgun, but I've inadvertently destroyed a fairly nice knife by forgetting it was in a sheath in a drawer.
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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
My holster stays on my belt and pistol goes on my nightstand.

Exactly this. My belt is looped into my holster. I don't undo and remove my belt every time I stow my firearm. I unholster and put the gun in the safe, and the holster stays on the belt.

But then again, even if I'm changing pants or whatever, I never store my firearm in its holster. I use leather by the way.


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My carry pistol (M&P) is carried in an AIWB holster with an overclip and made from kydex. At the end of the day the whole package simply unclips from my belt and it placed on the top shelf of the safe all ready for the next day. No unholstering or needing to check and recheck if it's loaded.
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